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Dear visitor, welcome to my Numeric Citizen Space. My real name is JF Martin, but I prefer to be called Numeric Citizen in cyberspace. This is my "nom-de-plume" name (learn why I'm using this name). I have been an IT (Information Technologies) professional since the early nineties. I'm 56, I'm probably getting old, I know. My hobbies are many, but writing is the one that’s taking up much of my spare time. I spend about twenty hours a week on writing and publishing (fully documented here). Why? Get the answer in “I read, I learn, I write, I Share”. As explained in this post, I write about my passions, which revolve around Apple, photography, privacy protection and climate change.

My most personal stories to date

Here is a list of the most personal stories that I’ve published on this website.

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Finally, some of the articles that I’m the proudest of.

On Sideloading on iPhone — It’s OK, I’m Changing My Mind
An explanation on why I’m ok now with the sideloading of apps on the iPhone, plus, a quick interview with one of the most vocal App Store critic — Kosta Eleftheriou.
From iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro: The Return of Delights
This year, Apple brings back delights to the iPhone in so many ways. Here is my iPhone 11 Pro review from a photography enthusiast perspective.
My Review of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard – A Transformative Accessory
With iPadOS 13.4, Apple injected much-needed delight to the iPad with the introduction of pointer support. Using the iPad with a mouse is undoubtedly delightful, but Apple’s vision of the future of…
A Guide for Preparing to Leave Your Numeric Legacy
When someone passes away, managing his or her legacy can be challenging. Younger generations are building a numeric legacy that can prove to be impossible to manage. See how an emergency kit can al…
Managing The Elderly’s Numeric Life
Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash Managing the elderly’s numeric life poses many challenges. One of them is how do you keep valuable data from being lost from one generation to the other. Here i…
Replacing an Aging AirPort Extreme with the Unifi Dream Machine
I’ve been looking at a replacement for my aging AirPort Extreme for over a year. Here is my experience of replacing it with an Ubiquiti’s Unifi Dream Machine.
Five Must-Have Tools for Serious and Efficient Bloggers
Successful bloggers publish frequently and consistently. They meet their busy publishing schedule while being efficient. See the tools they could use to make a real difference.
The Ultimate Twitter Tips and Tricks for Mastering Your Twitter Experience
Learn how I took back control of my Twitter experience by taking advantage of Twitter Lists, muted words and hashtags and the right Twitter client.
The Rotten Side of Tim Cook’s Apple
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple My love story with Apple started a long time ago. I’ve been an Apple enthusiast since 1982 when I started programming on an Apple ][+ before moving to an Apple //e then on a …
The Roots of My Passion for Apple
Apple has a special place in my life because of my passion for the company, its history and most importantly because I share the same values.

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