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If you're an RSS feed junkie, learn how to follow my content through your favorite RSS reader.

To get a complete view of my publishing journey as it happens (articles | posts | photos | videos ), consider subscribing to the following megafeed: (from there, your RSS reader should figure out the feed for yourself, but if you want a specific format: XML | JSON | HTML).

Why should you use this β€œmegafeed,” you might ask? Well, besides getting access to all my content in one place, if I ever change one of my web hosting services or any of the domain names, you won't have to update anything on your side! I’ll make sure to update the feed configuration behind the scenes. That’s the future, now!

Moreover, because I’m a nice guy and want to provide you with maximum flexibility, you can (and should) selectively subscribe to my content with the following feeds, depending on your desires.

Space β€” My main website with longer posts: (XML | JSON | HTML)
Blog β€” My blogging place with short posts: (XML | JSON | HTML)
Blips β€” A place for sharing small... blips:
Photos β€” My photos wall shared on Glass: (XML | JSON | HTML)
Videos β€” Videos produced and shared on my YouTube channel: (XML | JSON | HTML)