Here is the latest addition to the Before & After series. Enjoy. I’m not really good at human photography. For this one, I was on a bus while waiting for our green light. I saw this scene and snapped the picture as fast as I could. Turning to a black & white version helps turn this relatively ordinary scene to something more... sensual.

Announcing Blog Improvements

Today I want to share a few important improvements to the Numeric Citizen Blog. First, after more than a year of hesitation, I finally selected the fonts for the blog’s textual elements. Titles are using “Adele” from Adobe TypeKit while all other text elements are using “Noto Serif” also from Adobe TypeKit. Fonts are the... Continue Reading →

Photo Legend 20

Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. A few days before the middle of November, boom, a snow storm. As beautiful the first snow may be, this, I wasn’t ready for it. Too early. Too much. We’ve got five months of winter in front of us. Gosh.

OK Google, What Happened on November 8th?

Losing 50% of organic traffic There is something wrong with my blog visitor statistics since November 8. I didn't know what it is until yesterday. I could not recall any change in my writing habits or in any WordPress settings. Google Search console did show a clear drop on that day. Google Search console Twitter... Continue Reading →

Apple Quote of the Day

Consider the release of the 16" MacBook Pro (look for my own observations here for context). Now, here is a quote of the day that I find of particular interest: Apple listens strategically, but acts tactically Dan Moren writing for MacWorld. Mr. Moren's take on Apple's strategy is spot on. Apple does listen when required. Actions... Continue Reading →

The Lightroom CC Update we are Waiting for

The November update of Lightroom CC brought support for iPadOS 13. Included was the ability to import photos from like shown below. But is this the best Adobe could do? Well, if you compare to what we do on our traditional computers, there is an even quicker way. By just inserting a storage device... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs was Right

Yep, Steve Jobs was right. On so many things. It took longer than he expected, but Steve Jobs was right. Over the past decade, for most people, in most use cases, phones killed the P.C. To get work done, now you just use a big phone — which Apple happens to call an iPad.Farhad Manjoo... Continue Reading →

App Store Features Montreal’s Metro

Apple's App Store editorial team recently ran a story about photographing indoor urban landscapes. To my surprise, after peeking inside for a few moments, I started to recognize some of the scenes: Montreal's metro stations. The story was about highlighting a popular and well-done photo processing app: Darkroom. You can read a small review of... Continue Reading →

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