Silence Unknown Callers in iOS 13

For a few days now, I'm receiving calls from all around the world. The vast majority of them coming from Africa and some from Central America. The only time I answered, nobody was talking. I know of many people, including me, get phone calls with recorded message in Chinese. These calls are different. I don't... Continue Reading →

More Samples of iPhone 11 Pro Photos

In case you missed it from my iPhone 11 Pro review, you can have a look at an iCloud album coming right from my iPhone 11 Pro. Few people know that you can share an album from the iCloud Photo Library. Here is one photo that was taken today downtown Montreal. Unedited photo from my... Continue Reading →

Before & After 25

It’s been a long time since I posted in this series of Before & After... here is a great memory of my trip to Hawaii this past summer. For this particular case, I wanted to add luminosity to the foreground and open up the shadows in general. There was a cable right in the clouds... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Biggest Mistake: No Home Networking Product

Don't look at the camera bumps in the latest iPhone or the lack of stability in macOS Catalina to find Apple's biggest mistake. Apple's biggest mistake right now is skipping the home network market. Period. Here is why. Google's home networking product Following Google's announcements this week, besides their Pixel 4 new smartphone, something caught... Continue Reading →

On iPhone 11 Pro in Rome

Here is something that I rarely do here, a link post. I want to share an excellent article from the well known Frederico Viticci writting for The article summaries the experience of using an iPhone 11 Pro to take photos in Rome. Pictures are breath taking to say the least. Here is a thought... Continue Reading →

Still Relevant Today I hope you chose to look at the clip before reading the following observations. It is not too late, come back later for my observations. I took out a few powerful words from this clip which are: Back to the basics. Greats products. Great marketing. Great distribution. Not enough focus. Much simpler. Much better.... Continue Reading →

More Observations from Processing RAW Images on iOS 13

There are many mysteries surrounding RAW image handling on iOS. This weekend I experienced a few of them. Here are a few tidbits of information that you might like to know. Capturing Fall Colors This weekend I went out to capture fall colors in a small regional mountain park in Mont Saint-Hilaire, near Montreal, Canada.... Continue Reading →

Me, a MacBook Pro and an Inconvenient Truth

In recent days, unexpectedly, at my work, I got a chance to replace my perfectly fine Windows laptop from HP with a controversial 2017 MacBook Pro, from Apple. Did I make the right choice? Here is an inconvenient truth. A controversial keyboard, a controversial touchbar A poisened gift? The story is simple. One of my... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

It’s been close to a year since I came back here as an assumed blogger. Looking back and thinking about my achievements. All in all, I’m quite happy with my experience. I found my niche. I’m happy about my growing audience too. I do it to express my creativity and my opinions about subjects I... Continue Reading →

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