Experience Apple

After the release of the new iPhone, I came across a new Apple web site that I didn't know about: Experience Apple. Currently featuring the iPhone 11, you can compare a few features interactively. The starting view when opening the Experience Apple web site The welcome page is a simple models comparison. From there, you... Continue Reading →

A Provocative Thought

According to Jon Prosser, Apple is better without Steve Jobs. Yep. Here is a twelve minutes video clip that maybe is a bit provocative, exposing a few thoughts supporting this idea, worth your time. It is kind of late (Job passed away in 2011) but still interesting to listen in light of recent announcements by... Continue Reading →

On Apple Arcade Early Opening

I love it: Apple under promised but over delivered by opening the gate to the Apple Arcade service earlier than originally announced. It doesn’t happen often. The strategy is probably linked to a desire to test the platform with a gradual rollout. Kudos to them. But there is more. Matthew Panzarino writing for TechCrunch: Apple Arcade... Continue Reading →

My Photographer Challenge

Over the years, my photography skills improved quite a bit. Since 2016, I’m shooting in RAW most of the time and it makes a big difference. I started doing urban exploration which offers a quite different photography style. But there is one challenge that I can’t quite tackle: human photography in candid situations. Here is... Continue Reading →

Current Apple Products As Of September 2019

With the September keynote behind us, it is time to refresh the product sheet to reflect what was announced, what got killed. New iPhone, new iPad, new Apple Watch, new bands in new colours are among the changes. Enjoy. Apple products as of September 2019 Expect a possible update if Apple hold an October event... Continue Reading →

On Apple’s Keynote Intro Video

Did you pay attention to this introduction video that Apple used to kick off it's keynote? I'm sharing it here because I think it is very well done. https://youtu.be/nyp_PczrqFE Apple's Keynote introduction video I'm a bit late to share this but hey, I'm very busy digesting all the things Apple announced this week! 😉

Apple Introducing New Keynote Slide Style

At the Apple event this week, during the keynote, where Apple revealed a slew of new products, a new slide style made its appearance. Instead if the wordy style that Apple used for listing new features, a very graphical one replaced the old style and I must say that I love it. Although the information... Continue Reading →

Impressive Night Shot From iPhone 11 Pro

I don’t know how this is possible, but someone was able to take a night shot with the iPhone 11 Pro. Left shot is the one from the iPhone 11 Pro. https://twitter.com/cocorocha/status/1171957593998352384 It is where I think Apple is leading over Google and others in photography: pushing the boundaries of computational photography while keeping it... Continue Reading →

How Apple’s Announcements Are Influencing My Buying Decisions

The Press at Apple Park This week, Apple held its annual September keynote where a slew of new products were announced. Among them, the iPhone, an updated Apple Watch and a few surprises. Some are influencing my buying decisions in unexpected ways. Here is why I reconsider a few buying decisions. This will be the... Continue Reading →

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