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That is the Apple logo for their new Apple Keynote, coming October 30th. I thought the company logo was something that you don't mess around easily. I guess this time, this keynote will be about creativity.

Is Apple Brand Value Unstoppable?

Tonight I was watching TV. There was so many ads. One particular ad got my attention. This was an ad about a car. In order to show how cool the car is, how useful it can be to its users, there a scene where the driver uses Siri to send a message to his wife... Continue Reading →

A Simple Linea 2.0 Review

As a long time IT professional, I’m spending quite some time in meetings discussing customers challenges, issues and ideas. My quest to find the best application on iPad for jotting down notes, technical drawings is a perpetual one. I tried Apple’s (not quite there yet), Notability (too complex) just to name a few. But... Continue Reading →

Rethinking iTunes — A Reconstruction Proposal

In the previous article of the series “Rethinking iTunes”, a grouping of all iTunes features and functions was elaborated to better understand the real nature of iTunes. With that in mind, it is easier to consider things that we could remove to make iTunes more approachable, more predictable and easier to evolve. The idea guiding the rethinking... Continue Reading →

Rethinking iTunes – Deconstructing the Software

As previously exposed in my article ”Rethinking iTunes — A Look Back”, iTunes has become a complex piece of software that is hard to use and difficult for Apple to maintain. I would argue that the monolithic nature of iTunes hinders its evolution. In this blog post, I’ll expose my classification of all iTunes features and functions.... Continue Reading →

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