Remembering My Story of Owning a PowerMac 7100 โ€” 1995-1996

The first big architecture transition for Apple. The start of a dark period for me.

Remembering My Story of Owning a PowerMac 7100 โ€” 1995-1996

It was the only PowerPC Mac that I ever owned. I never liked the general design, which looked too much like a styled Windows PC. It was Apple at his worst from a design perspective. Personally, and professionally, it was a transition period in my life. I was working in IT in a consulting company after spending more than a year at an Apple Dealer. My technical world flipped into the Microsoft ecosystem and Windows world. It was a dark period where I was learning a lot. My Mac usage wasnโ€™t that much and was generally uninspiring. I have very few souvenirs of that period.

The decade where I didnโ€™t own or use an Apple computer is like a black hole in my ownership streak.

I remember the speed difference when using software optimized for the PowerPC, but in retrospect, it wasnโ€™t as impressive as it is today with the M1 processor, compared to its Intel counterpart. Yet, it was a big move for Apple to leave the Motorola era and start the IBM PowerPC journey. Software like GraphicConverter (which still exists today at version 11) saw a big speed boost while converting JPEG images.

Again, I canโ€™t remember how I got rid of this machine. But I do remember what came after the start of a ten-year hiatus of Windows PC ownership, away from the Apple universe. If the PowerMac 7100 represented a dark era, the following ten years were an even sombre era, starting with Windows 95.