Porting Office Work, A Really Bad Idea

I hate open space offices. I don’t particularly like meetings. I do like seeing people at the office from time to time, not every single day. I work better when I’m isolated. Disruption is a productivity killer. Does the work from home works for me? You bet. I don’t have young children. The house is... Continue Reading →

Remember You Will Die

Remember you will die. It's a fact that we tend to forget. Embracing death can make your life much easier. See how in this short blog post.

Ghost Office and Strange Feelings

I had to return to my office for a day this week. I'm still not sure why. My last visit there was on March, 12th. I didn't know what to expect. I knew there would be other colleagues too, but how many? This is my short recount of visiting a ghost office since the beginning... Continue Reading →

Feeling Robbed

One hundred forty. One hundred forty days. We all remember March, 13th, right?. That’s the day the confinement started for me. For many of us too. And since then, normality is taking another meaning. Something that we didn’t chose. This is our war. Our third world war. Nothing like we could expect, but a war... Continue Reading →

Three Months and Three Life Hacks

Today is a special day for many reasons. I’ve been working from home and (mostly) confined for exactly three months (March 13th). It’s certainly seems like a long time, but I cannot help but think that it’s only the beginning of a long journey. In fact, I can no longer consider myself as being confined... Continue Reading →

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