Day #72 — Still No End in Sight

After 72 days of relative confinement, I see no end in sight. And I like this new normal.

Day #72 — Still No End in Sight

By a sunny Sunday with a very mild and enjoyable weather, I look forward and I see no end in sight to my confinement. Well, I should say, I don’t see the day where I’ll return to a normal work life. The old way of working by going to the office every weekday, saying hello to my coworkers, looks so « passé » and unnecessary now. The old normal is not coming back anytime soon. For the most part, I’m happy with this.

Working from home is nothing new for me. My kids are young adults and can take care of themselves. I’m not one of those parents who has trouble focusing on my work because of needy young kids. Thanks god. I can imagine that I would be struggling if that we’re the case, though. I’m thankful for that.

Because of this coronavirus, now employers will probably stop wondering about their employees productivity while working from home. If they focus on the results instead on the rest, they will probably be well regarded. This is the new normal and everyone has to accept it. Working from home is no longer being seen as a privilege reserved to the few but a required possibility for the most. I find this to be relieving somehow.

I’m not really optimistic about the outcome of this coronavirus crisis. I don’t expect we take as many lessons as we can from all this. I hear and read a lot of comments about how better or how different things will be after the pandemic. The very few lessons that will be adopted will probably be for a too short period of time. I wish I had more optimistic sentiments but it is too hard. And the reason is simple. Just look at how people are easily forgetting social distanciation rules because of the relaxation of confinement rules. People don’t like their liberty to be restricted.

On that sour note, I’m enjoying my own time, doing what I like to do most: writing and digitally processing photos I take with my iPhone. Life is made of small pleasures. You can see a sample of my experimentation here, on the Numeric Citizen Visual Space. Or read my latest posts.