#ShotOniPhone – Only Apple

Great surprise yesterday from Apple, a challenge open to everyone using an iPhone to take great shots and submit them to Apple. Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #shotoniphone. Rules explained in details here.

This is exactly the kind of initiative that makes me be passionate about Apple. As a photography lover, this is a great way for me to see others people work simply by searching for this hashtag. I’m wondering if I’ll enter the challenge myself. 🤔

iOS 12.1.3 – Fixes for 2018 iPad Pro


Those looking to fix issues with audio devices hooked into their brand new and shiny iPad Pro with USB-C should look forward and update to the latest release of iOS 12.1. It is unknown which audio devices were affected with distorted audio though. I didn’t have any issue with my Yeti microphone except this stability issue while using a simple USB-A to USB-C adaptor. Now, I’m using a USB-C hub and all is fine. 🤓

About Microsoft Windows Nowadays

Recently read a thread on Twitter about the supposedly sad state of Windows these days. Please read, this is interesting.

Personally, I use a Windows 10 laptop made by HP at work. This is not an exceptional machine but it is nice nonetheless. I find Windows 10 to be, on the surface when you do not too deep things on it, quite nice compared to previous releases (Windows XP, Windows 7). It is also much more stable. But, as you’ll read on the following Twitter thread, the problems arise when you go deeper. It seems we’re doing archeologic work when we face relics on the ancient Windows versions when configuring specific and deeper stuff (like a VPN for example) and this isn’t a great experience. This is bad design, unfinished work.

Somehow, I cannot stop thinking that the tech world stopped doing great things on the desktop because of the smartphone revolution. They directed all their creative energy to invent, design and push the smartphone technology forward. This is sad.

Photo Processing Apps on macOS

I don’t know much about Affinity Photos on the Mac but I do on iOS. I guess there aren’t a lot of differences. I know quite a bit about Luminar and I like it. Pixelmator is nice too, better design than the others. I always think this is something Apple could have designed back in the days of the beginning of the iPad. Photos? Nice for browsing, syncing but bad for processing… UI is too messy to my taste.

Please, read this Twitter thread to find more responses following the Twitter poll.

Please, Apple, Bring This to iOS

If Apple wants to push the iPad into the realm of serious computing, it needs to add some serious UI elements that we are used to see on traditional computing platforms. Here, I’m thinking about menus on the Mac or on Windows. They are everywhere. We take them for granted. The iPad came in 2010 and probably nobody really noticed or asked for them on iOS at that time as Apple was shifting iOS from the iPhone to the iPad and we were all busy digesting this new computing device. But these days, iOS has matured and we are ready to go further. Consider this actual segmented popup menu on the iPad.

One of the problem I see with this menu is that is doesn’t scale well (beside being ugly) and is in need for a rethinking. It came with iOS 3 with copy & paste feature if I remember well. It doesn’t scale well because on the iPhone, a menu like this has to be scrolled horizontally to see all the options. On the iPad, the wider the menu becomes, the least user friendly it becomes. This is un intuitive. Now, a few days ago, on Twitter, I saw this. Unfortunately, I cannot embed any of the videos showing the popup menu implementation. But stop everything and just go have a look. Wonderul.

John Gruber wrote, this is something that shows a lot of attention to details and something that is missing on iOS. If only Apple could do something like this in iOS 13 coming this year. 🙏🏻

iTunes End is Close ?

Interesting article from M. G. Siegler “The End of iTunes” on Medium. May I remind you about a series of blog posts I wrote back in 2015 ? It has been a long time but the subject is still relevant today surprisingly.

Tell me what you think of the future of iTunes in this blog post comments section.

Health Care & Apple

A big statement by former Apple’s CEO John Sculley: “We’re going to see something similar in health” while comparing to the iPhone impact on the world. Even from the outside, It seems to me that Apple found their way with wearables. The Apple Watch 4 is a prime example of this. And the AirPods could too play a bigger role in the future. I can see other devices too that we wear on other parts of our body that transmit their sensor data to the iPhone then into Apple’s Health database.

Can’t wait.

[Update: 2019-01-16]: They are really serious about health judging by this rumored initiative from Apple: Apple in talks to put Apple Watch into the hands of Medicare users.