Lightroom Classic Update Available

Another day, another Adobe Lightroom update is released! This time, Lightroom Classic gets a few new features and performance optimizations. I spent a few moments experimenting with this release. On the performance optimizations, I do see a difference on my iMac but this is not as much as I would like. My setup is a... Continue Reading →

How iOS 13 Reminders app Killed Things app

Things 3.0 was a wonderful release when it came out. It’s design simplicity and well thought out won me. Before that I was using Omnifocus but Things 3.0 made OmniFocus look complicated and over featured. But, frankly, iOS 13 is changing all that again: Apple entirely redesigned the Reminders app. The results are impressive. Reminders... Continue Reading →

My Review Of Flighty And Comments On Flight Trackers In General

This week a newcomer in the field of flight trackers was released: Flighty. This release was for me the occasion to reconsider my current flight tracking apps. And what a good timing while I'm on vacation. Let’s dig in. Before Flighty The flight tracking app that I have on my iOS devices are illustrated here.... Continue Reading →

My Review of Adobe Spark Post

If you want to make a simple photo collage to publish on social networks like Instagram or more complex designs combining images and text to do some other kind of promotional material, I have something for you that you should consider. Here is my review of Adobe Spark Post. Adobe Spark Post is part of... Continue Reading →

My Review Of The 23.7” LG UltraFine 4K Display

My current setup Apple is no longer in the external display business. Instead, they rely on LG line of UltraFine monitors to go with their computer lines. They recently introduced a smaller version of a 4K display. So, here is my review of the 23.7” LG UltraFine 4K display. Why an external display? I never... Continue Reading →

Running GuruShots Challenge

As a long time player of the photo challenge game GuruShots, the ultimate goal is to become a Guru. The only privilege of being a Guru is to be able to run our own challenge. After weeks of waiting while in review status, one of my submitted challenge finally got approved. This is my first... Continue Reading →

New Lightroom for iPad Update

A new Lightroom for iPad update brings learning tools and more. First, a new home view makes its debut. From there, the user sees his or her recent photos at the top. But what is more interesting are two new learning tools. Lightroom new home view For new Lightroom users, the latest update will help... Continue Reading →

My Reeder 4 RSS Reader Review

After a too long update hiatus, my favorite RSS reader is back under a complete remake. Here is my Reeder 4 RSS reader review. Spoiler alert: I like it a lot. iOS version of Reeder RSS are still a thing these days. Even when services like Apple’s News+ comes out. I recently wrote that since... Continue Reading →

My Review of Apple News+ Service

Today is the last day of my free month trial of Apple News+ service. This is the perfect time for a verdict. This is my review of Apple News+ service. I’m going to subscribe to (yet) another service but without great enthusiasm. Here is why. News Feed Examples First, the good side Since I’m a... Continue Reading →

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