Retour sur l’événement Apple du 25 mars dernier (French Podcast Episode)

Dans ce dixième épisode, je reviens avec mes commentaires et observations sur l’événement Apple tenu le 25 mars dernier.  Références: Au sujet du design d’Apple Card:   Mes observations sur le keynote du 25 mars dernier (anglais):    Ma réponse à Ken Segall sur ces commentaires:   Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast.... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Promise on Services

Apple's promise on services has become clearer recently. I'm still thinking about the impacts of the last Apple keynote on services. Not easy to wrap my head around all the consequences and meanings. But some real analysts get it way more than me. Here is Benedict Evans on Twitter recently (emphasis is mine): The old... Continue Reading →

HyperDrive USB-C Hub for iPad Pro: My Review

At long last, here is my review of the HyperDrive USB-C Hub for the 2018 iPad Pro. After a very successful KickStarter campaign. I made a pledge, my very first one on KickStarter. I couldn’t imagine having this iPad Pro without one as I wrote back in February. Here is my short review. HyperDrive ports:... Continue Reading →

My Response To M.G. Siegler: No This Wasn’t a Bizarre Keynote

I’m a long time reader of M.G. Siegler, a well known blogger on many things but mainly focused on Apple (see He recently published his comments about the latest Apple keynote that he thinks was bizarre. I read it with great interest as I do every time he writes down his view about Apple... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts About Apple Special Event on Services

First and foremost: I don’t really care about the AirPower not being announced. Now, that this is cleared out of the way, let’s proceed and dig in. About The Keynote Itself This keynote was close to two hours. It didn’t fell that long to me. I really liked it. The introduction video was a nice... Continue Reading →

While Waiting for Tomorrow’s Keynote

Image of Steve Jobs Theatre the day before the keynote John Gruber on games subscription possibilities Link which could be announced or previewed tomorrow: If Apple’s going to spend billions on exclusive TV and movie content, why not spend money on exclusive games as well? Games are way better suited to the iPhone, and the... Continue Reading →

It’s Show Time (Apparently)

Tune in on March 25th, 2019 @ 10:00 a.m. for the next Apple's special event. Widely expected this time is the rumored TV streaming and magazines subscription services. Don't expect too much out of this. I'm not even expecting a world wide roll out either. There is one thing that could prove to be a... Continue Reading →

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