On Apple’s Keynote Intro Video

Did you pay attention to this introduction video that Apple used to kick off it's keynote? I'm sharing it here because I think it is very well done. https://youtu.be/nyp_PczrqFE Apple's Keynote introduction video I'm a bit late to share this but hey, I'm very busy digesting all the things Apple announced this week! 😉

Apple Introducing New Keynote Slide Style

At the Apple event this week, during the keynote, where Apple revealed a slew of new products, a new slide style made its appearance. Instead if the wordy style that Apple used for listing new features, a very graphical one replaced the old style and I must say that I love it. Although the information... Continue Reading →

How Apple’s Announcements Are Influencing My Buying Decisions

The Press at Apple Park This week, Apple held its annual September keynote where a slew of new products were announced. Among them, the iPhone, an updated Apple Watch and a few surprises. Some are influencing my buying decisions in unexpected ways. Here is why I reconsider a few buying decisions. This will be the... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Keynote Day – A Few Thoughts Before The Event

Today is the day, September 10th. Apple’s new products announcements will create buzz in the industry. On the eve of the upcoming keynote, here are a few thoughts on this widely expected yearly circus. The obvious: new iPhone The iPhone will be, yet again, the center of this event, no surprise here. Speakin1. It seems... Continue Reading →

Today's Apple invite uses one of the best graphic in recent memories. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on September 10th because of my daytime job. Can't remember this happening. I'll have to turn off my phone if I don't want to see spoilers. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make... Continue Reading →

Mes impressions sur le Keynote WWDC 2019

Au menu de ce treizième épisode: mes impressions sur l’ensemble du keynote à la conférence WWDC 2019 tenue du 3 au 7 juin dernier.  Article publié sur le même sujet, sur mon blogue: My Thoughts On The WWDC 2019 Keynote. Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast. Visitez mon blogue tous les jours @ http://numericcitizen.me. Je suis... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts On The WWDC 2019 Keynote

WWDC 2019 Keynote is already behind us. This was a long wait. Expectations were high. Apple had to deliver. And boy they did. Here are my thoughts on the WWDC 2019 keynote. Spoiler alert: I’m overwhelmed. I’m blown away. Generalities Apple's four software platforms The keynote followed some kind of a different path this year... Continue Reading →

It will take time to digest all this!Wow, what can I say? At yesterday keynote, Apple blew me away with their new stuff. I'm still working on a rather long blog post about this keynote. I'll give you my thoughts and observations from the most important Apple event in a long time. Stay tuned.

Retour sur l’événement Apple du 25 mars dernier (French Podcast Episode)

Dans ce dixième épisode, je reviens avec mes commentaires et observations sur l’événement Apple tenu le 25 mars dernier.  Références: Au sujet du design d’Apple Card: https://www.arun.is/blog/apple-card/   Mes observations sur le keynote du 25 mars dernier (anglais): https://numericcitizen.me/2019/03/26/my-thoughts-about-apple-special-event-on-services/    Ma réponse à Ken Segall sur ces commentaires: https://numericcitizen.me/2019/03/29/my-response-to-mg-siegler-no-this-wasnt-a-bizarre-keynote/   Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast.... Continue Reading →

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