Nobody Cares About Anything

First watch this shot video then come back here. Nobody Cares About Your Photography The main take-out for me is that you have to do something that is useful, meaningful, not because people care because they don't. It doesn't have to be meaningful to everybody but at least for you. And when we do... Continue Reading →

I Knew This Was a Great Idea

Oh this blog brings me joy! This is the current trend of visitors and page views on my blog and I'm so happy! I knew that I could build a micro-community around my passions (Apple, Photography, Privacy, Climate change) as these numbers shows. I know from comments that I get on Micro blog that many... Continue Reading →

On This #ShotOniPhone Challenge

Seems there was many photographers who didn't like the fact that Apple was granting itself full rights on people's submitted photos to the challenge without any retribution... only some exposure on billboards around the world and other places. I wasn't one of them. I couldn't care much. I always thought this challenge was all about... Continue Reading →

#ShotOniPhone – Only Apple

Great surprise yesterday from Apple, a challenge open to everyone using an iPhone to take great shots and submit them to Apple. Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #shotoniphone. Rules explained in details here. This is exactly the kind of initiative that makes me be passionate about Apple. As a... Continue Reading →

Expressing Regrets

I feel some regrets about not coming sooner than 2018 to revive this blog. Instead, I elected to spread myself all over the place: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter. But times are changing. Things are shaping up pretty well around two subjects: Apple and digital photography. I'm back here for a long time!

This Was a Dream

Can't remember where it was. When this happened. Why. It was raining. It was cold. That is all I remember from this picture. This was a good time to put some visual elements in this long list of blog post. Don't you think ? 🙂 Processed on iPhone.

Back From The USA

I'm back since a Thursday. Overall, this was a great vacation. I thought I would do more photos. I had my Nikon D750 with me but I never used it, only my iPhone 7. The kind of pictures I made was vacation type. Not the kind that I'm used to. I'm more into architecture, street... Continue Reading →

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