Finally Finding My Niche And Feeling Good About It

Who knew that Craft would become such a source of inspiration and be at the center of everything I do as a content creator.

Finally Finding My Niche And Feeling Good About It

Thanks to my passion for content creation using Craft, I finally found a niche as a content creator: becoming a Craft SME (subject matter expert) and ambassador of some sort. I’m investing time in building a series of videos on YouTube revolving around Craft (see Series introduction video). I’m engaging in conversations about Craft on the Craft community on Circle as an ambassador on Reddit /r/craftdocs and Slack. I’m learning about Craft nearly every day. That’s satisfying. Oh, and I’m not paid in any way.

Niche definition: “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service: he believes he has found a niche in the market | smaller cooperatives must find and develop a niche for their speciality product.”Wikipedia

Why can an application like Craft be at the center of my newly found niche instead of pushing further my long-time passion: photography? Thanks to COVID-19, my time spent as a photographer has declined sharply in the last two years. I never recovered from it. Other than that, It’s easy to tell why, but becoming an expert at Craft is much easier than being a photography expert. I could spend the rest of my life working on my photography style and technique, and I wouldn’t be considered an “expert.” It’s another matter for Craft. Craft is much more approachable by being intuitive to use and inviting to start with.

I get positive feedback for my involvement, and people appreciate my interventions. It’s stimulating. This brings me to the subject of “recognition.” Is this newly found passion for YouTube video creation all about feeling the recognition from a dedicated community? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. Suffice it to say that people’s engagement level with my Craft-related activities is much higher than readers commenting on my published content. I like this interaction with people who are consuming my content.

I have this constant desire to explore new things and new tools and enjoy my use of those tools when they are well conceived, mostly perfect in their design and execution. Craft is such a tool. It is not perfect, its road to maturity is not straight, and I have to be patient. Yet, in its current incarnation, Craft is a joy to use, making me better at my content creation hobby. So I want to share my passion for it, help others get the most out of it and eventually become as passionate about it as I am.

There is something in Craft that makes you want to use it more.Numeric Citizen

Lastly, Craft is a pretext for returning to YouTube as a content creator and exploring the video medium. I’m learning to like YouTube more than Vimeo a few years ago. Everyone is on YouTube; my content’s engagement levels reflect that reality. I like that too. You can have a look behind the scenes at my production setup (both in hardware and software) in this video.

Who knows where this will leads. Now, If you’ll excuse me, I have a video to finish.