Two weeks ago I went for a photo session in the Montreal's underground metro. I was responding to an invite from Unsplash for a photo walk. While entering the station, looking at my phone, the problem was that it was scheduled two weeks later. I didn't look carefully enough the date in the email invite.... Continue Reading →

Flickr Introducing In Memoriam Account Status

Directly from Flickr Blog yesterday: Update on Creative Commons licenses and “In Memoriam” accounts. | Flickr Blog Since we announced changes to Flickr’s Free and Pro accounts on November 1, we’ve heard from members who are concerned about what will happen to accounts owned by deceased members, and what will happen to their own accounts... Continue Reading →

Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash I don't know for you but personally I don't trust Huawei. There are many reasons not to trust this company. They not only steal ideas from others for their smartphones but they lie about the camera quality by using stock photos for promotion. This isn't the first time they get... Continue Reading →

In this photo processing session, I had quite a lot of work to do. First, my intention was to give a very old look to this monument. The idea was to put emphasis on the monument's texture and ornaments. I had to straight it up and make the background less visible.

This is my youngest boy. We we're in Iceland for a family vacation. On a rainy day, we went visiting a hot spring. We were walking and I was behind him and I had this instinct to ask him to stop so I can take a picture of the moment. It looked a bit surreal,... Continue Reading →

Introducing Photo Legend Series

Today, I'm introducing something new. I always find it interesting when we can read a small story behind a photo. This helps understand the context and why the photo was taken. So, I'm starting a new series, the Photo Legend Series. The photo montage will be done inside Adobe Spark. The story will be in... Continue Reading →

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