#ShotOniPhone – Only Apple

Great surprise yesterday from Apple, a challenge open to everyone using an iPhone to take great shots and submit them to Apple. Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #shotoniphone. Rules explained in details here.

This is exactly the kind of initiative that makes me be passionate about Apple. As a photography lover, this is a great way for me to see others people work simply by searching for this hashtag. I’m wondering if I’ll enter the challenge myself. 🤔

Photo Processing Apps on macOS

I don’t know much about Affinity Photos on the Mac but I do on iOS. I guess there aren’t a lot of differences. I know quite a bit about Luminar and I like it. Pixelmator is nice too, better design than the others. I always think this is something Apple could have designed back in the days of the beginning of the iPad. Photos? Nice for browsing, syncing but bad for processing… UI is too messy to my taste.

Please, read this Twitter thread to find more responses following the Twitter poll.

Lightroom CC Updated With Siri Shortcuts Support

Adobe released an update to its photo processing application on iOS. The new update brings something that will help somehow fix a workflow issue on iOS. Imagine you take a few pictures with your camera in RAW format. You want to process them on the go with your iPad. Currently, the only way to do this is to import them into Photos app and process them in the application of your choice that supports RAW pictures. If you want to process them in Lightroom, you then have to open Lightroom and do the import, a two steps process.

Now, with this update, by supporting Siri Shortcuts, you can import your pictures in Photos.app and then from there, you select them and execute your shortcut to move them in Lightroom. My shortcut does this:

  1. Accept photos from input, pass them to Lightroom.
  2. Ask if I want to delete the photos from Photos.app (this adds some flexibility to the automation).
  3. Ask if I want to open Lightroom.

Also, in this process, you can ask Lightroom to apply a preset. This is what they say in the update notes. The problem is, this is not the preset like we know them in Lightroom, but profiles which is not the same at all.

Profiles are used to apply changes to your photo with a certain style
If we could really apply presets, that would be really useful.

Lightroom Session #17 – Dubai Sky

Dubaï Sky – Taken in 2016, Processed in 2019 with Lightroom and Luminar 3

For the complete recorded Lighrrom session with comments, head to my video on Vimeo! It is in high resolution, high quality for you to enjoy the nuance of retouching a picture like this. Enjoy, share and like! 😃

Optics Against Computational Photography

Rumors of 2019 iPhone models are already starting to flow. The optics of the newest iPhone, the high end model, could received a third lense. Some people don’t like it and refer to the Google Pixel 3 having only one lense to do the job. This is an error.

Looking at some sketches and approximation of what this could look like physically, I think I prefer Apple to invest in real optics, not only in computational photography. Nothing will come close to beat glass lenses and light entry captured on a CCD. As a serious amateur photographer using real lenses, I can attest that.

Mockups by https://twitter.com/VenyaGeskin1/status/1083901394132844546