How Many Websites can a Blogger Have?

How many websites a blogger can have? Good question. I do have (too?) many, each filling their own niche. On that subject, something caught my attention yesterday in the public announcement of HEY’s experiment: “Hello, World!”. Jason Fried explaining why he never had a blog: “It was primarily because setting up a personal blog was... Continue Reading →

The Journey is the Reward

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash Here is a short story. When I was studying computer science at the university, there was a course with this borderline weirdo teacher teaching algorithmic. He really was a brain. That wasn’t an easy course, and it had a bad reputation among students. At the beginning of the semester,... Continue Reading →

My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2021-01

As a content creator, I’m always looking for new ways, tools and services to improve my workflow to be as efficient as possible. If something is no longer fitting my needs, I’m not afraid to make changes. The last update to my blogger workflow dates back to last November. Since then, I made quite a... Continue Reading →

I’ll never be a YouTuber – Here is why

Here is why I’ll never be a YouTuber. My filming set sucks. I don’t have the right equipment like lighting, microphone, tripod. My camera is ok, though: an iPhone 11 Pro. My English sucks. I prefer to write words and process digital photos over video footage assembling and audio processing. I’ll never post on YouTube... Continue Reading →

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