I’ll never be a YouTuber – Here is why

Here is why I’ll never be a YouTuber. My filming set sucks. I don’t have the right equipment like lighting, microphone, tripod. My camera is ok, though: an iPhone 11 Pro. My English sucks. I prefer to write words and process digital photos over video footage assembling and audio processing. I’ll never post on YouTube... Continue Reading →

My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2020-11

It's been a while since I provided an update to my blogger workflow. The last time was back in September of 2020. It's time for some tweaks. Click to enlarge The number of services I pay for has increased. Now, I'm paying for IFTTT and Buffer. IFTTT has improved its offerings this year and started... Continue Reading →

The Numeric Citizen Tip Sheet

Click to enlarge Dear readers, I wanted to let you know where you can find me on the web in a convenient and beautiful (I think) matter. Hit the link to have a more detailed view. Enjoy.

Did You Know That Newsletters Are Hot?

This post is a friendly reminder that I started something new a few weeks ago: a free newsletter called The Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter. I'm already at two issues and working on the next one. I'm very excited about this project. It is really fun to put together a newsletter and hit the "send" button... Continue Reading →

My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2020-09

Since the last update to my blogger workflow, Substack has been an important addition to my blogger workflow. Here is why and how I'm using Substack, a content publishing platform that is gaining traction for writers and bloggers like me. Click image for a much larger view Why Substack? As you probably know, I recently... Continue Reading →

My Updated Blogger Workflow as of 2020-08

Since my last update to my blogger workflow, a few important additions has taken place. Here is my updated blogger workflow as of 2020-08. My blogger workflow as of 2020-08 The way I consume information has been enhanced by the arrival of the controversial HEY email service. I recently published my thoughts on HEY. I’m... Continue Reading →

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