Less Than A Week Away Of…

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash It is Sunday evening as I'm writing this. I have four days of work to complete before my summer vacation in Hawaii. I'll have to pack my things and get ready for this long awaited trip with my love. I'm a bit anxious to let you down here as my posting activites... Continue Reading →

Blog Stats For June 2019

I don't really want to brag too much about my blog visitors statistics. But June was the biggest month of all time for my blog. The message is clear for all aspiring bloggers around the world: if you have a passion, if you are ready to invest yourself in writing, go for it. I'm super... Continue Reading →

My Review of Adobe Spark Post

If you want to make a simple photo collage to publish on social networks like Instagram or more complex designs combining images and text to do some other kind of promotional material, I have something for you that you should consider. Here is my review of Adobe Spark Post. Adobe Spark Post is part of... Continue Reading →

I Was Wrong About Medium

Today, I have to admit that I was wrong about Medium. A few weeks ago I published a post on Medium to say bye bye1,2. I was there at the beginning of this publishing platform and published quite a few articles. But I didn’t like the monetization of Medium overtime. I realized my stand on... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates

Today, I want to share a few updates about Numeric Citizen Blog. First, the titles of the main page and the blog posts are bolder. This makes it easier to distinguish them. Second, link color uses a new blue tint which I find it better looking. Third, a new page on the toolbar, My Portfolio,... Continue Reading →

Please Do Me a Favor And Spread The Word

Today, I'm writing a special blog post. I'm asking you a very simple favor. I'm investing quite some time in this blog to write great content. My blogger life is not always an easy one. I pay WordPress business plan so you won't see any ads on this blog. I won't track you with nasty... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Pressure of my Blogger’s life

Blogger's life ain't always easy. Today, I'm feeling the pressure of my blogger's life, the pressure to write something to maintain my streak of one blog post per day. That is not an easy thing to maintain. I'm always working on a few blog posts in advance. But today, stars are not perfectly aligned. Because... Continue Reading →

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