Switching to Ulysses for my Writing Needs

Since my comeback to my blog last fall, my writing sessions were always done online using the WordPress block editor. I even wrote about their Gutenberg editor of WordPress being hard to get used. It didn't mattered to me if I was on the go with my iPad or at home, WordPress seemed to offer... Continue Reading →

The Blogging Mindset

M.G. Siegler has an interesting article about "The Blogging Mindset". (...) If I spent too much time reading over other thoughts and reviews, my own became weaker, not stronger, as a result. This is, it would seem, at least partially human nature. Every situation has nuance and taking in more views moves you ever closer to the... Continue Reading →

Never Miss a Beat

The results are in, the poll is closed and people spoke: they want a Newsletter. So, here it is. If you are a member of WordPress, you can subscribe already to my blog and receive updates for every posts by email. But, what if you want a summary every Saturday morning to go with your... Continue Reading →

Here Is a Simple Poll For My Readers

https://poll.fm/10254923 If you are not a member of WordPress, you cannot subscribe to my blog and receive notifications about new content. You could subscribe to the RSS feed here but if you don't know what this is, you are out of luck. I'm pondering the idea of creating a newsletters that would be sent by... Continue Reading →

Introducing The Tip Jar

Today, I want to make an announcement. As you know, I've been working hard on this blog since last October. I've enjoyed writing every single post. And I plan to continue to enjoy it! Also, I decided to pay for a WordPress plan in order to remove ads from this blog. I hate ads and... Continue Reading →

Last month was the best of all time for my blog Here we are on a brand new month. Everything is clean. Everything is in front of me. Who knows what this month will look like from a blogging point of view. The bar is high. I have two more days to try to beat... Continue Reading →

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