Getty Images to Acquire Unsplash

Getty Images to acquire Unsplash In an unexpected turn of events, Getty Images is set to acquire Unsplash, my beloved free online photos sharing site. I'm in a state of shock because I love this service so much. Unsplash will continue to operate as a separate entity. In partnership with Getty Images, we’ll be accelerating... Continue Reading →

OMG — I’ve Been Unsplashed!

Congratulations from Unsplash If you’ve been following me for some time, you know how much I’m fond of Unsplash. I’ve been a contributing member since the early days of Unsplash. Over the years, Unsplash expanded its platform in many directions (not all of which I’m happy with, by the way). I had the chance to... Continue Reading →

My growing love affair with Unsplash goes on and on. Here are my stats for March 2019. I'm in the top 10% contributor. I always think that if I can be in the top 30% of anything, I'm good to go. But at 10%, this is unexpected. But my growing love affair with this web-based... Continue Reading →

Being Unsplashed!

Big surprise for me today, one of my latest pictures has made it to the editorial feed on Unsplash. I wrote a post about this service a few weeks ago because it is a very nice, speedy and cool photo sharing web site. Photo taken during my previous urbex session Being selected has a big... Continue Reading →

Spécial Flickr (French)

Learn how I plan to replace my Flickr account in the future. Quitter Flickr oui mais pour aller où? Apprenez comment je pense remplacer mon compte Flickr d’ici un an. Références mentionnées durant l'épisode: Mon profil Flickr:  Mon profil Unsplash:  Au sujet de Unsplash: SmugMug buys Flickr:   Thanks for listening. Please visit... Continue Reading →

I’ll Give Them 365 Days

In my quest to simply, regain control of my digital assets and pay for what is really worth, if Flickr doesn't improve materially in the next 365 days from now, I'll close my account. Period. What next? I'm glad you asked. I have a few choices. First move my stuff to places like 500px. Nope,... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Unsplash?

Are you looking for something cool in stock photography? Are you tired of browsing Flickr, 500px, SmugMug? Do you like browsing great photos on your computer, your mobile devices or even on an Apple TV? Are looking for great photos to augment a specific blog post or add a beautiful website header? I may have... Continue Reading →

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