Pixelmator Photo for iPad: a Capable Photo Editor at a Low Price

Today is the official release of Pixelmator Photo, a new and capable photo editor at a bargain price for the iPad. I had a chance to try the application for a week. Here are my observations. But first, let me express my love for this company and everything they do. Pixelmator Photo welcome screen My... Continue Reading →

Photo Processing Apps on macOS

I don't know much about Affinity Photos on the Mac but I do on iOS. I guess there aren't a lot of differences. I know quite a bit about Luminar and I like it. Pixelmator is nice too, better design than the others. I always think this is something Apple could have designed back in... Continue Reading →

Quick Note About Pixelmator Pro

Apple selected Pixelmator Pro as the Mac App Store of the year 2018 and this is very well deserved. I'm using this app more and more and I really like it. For exemple, I setup Adobe Lightroom in order to export a photo into Pixelmator Pro for edit. I use this when I want to... Continue Reading →

Photography Processing – What’s On My iPad

While waiting for my brand new 11" iPad Pro to arrive, I thought I would share what applications I used to do photography processing on my iPad. I use many of them, not all of them all the time though. Here are a few comments about a few of them. Adobe Lightroom CC is the... Continue Reading →

Remember PageMaker ?

PageMaker was the killer app that made the Macintosh what it became... Here is something that could be a pivotal moment in the history of the iPad: Photoshop for iPad. Yes, nearly eight years after its creation. Better late than never. Yes, I know about PixelMator, Lightroom and the like. But, Photoshop is emblematic.

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