On Vacation With iOS 13 – Maps Saved Locations

Today I found out that the only way to estimate travel time between two places with Apple's Maps is to use the save location feature. To my knowledge, prior to iOS 13, there was no way to accomplish such a basic task. Thanks to iOS 13, you can mark a location on a map and... Continue Reading →

On Vacation With iOS 13 – Files & Photos

I took many many RAW photos in Maui, Hawaii. I tried to dig into them with my HyperDrive USB-C hub connected on my iPad running iOS 13. I wanted to see what I could publish on my blog while on vacation. But the current state of RAW images browsing from Files.app is still very weak,... Continue Reading →

My iOS 13 Beta 2 Observations

My iOS 13 Beta 2 observations are here. Quite a few notes of interest. This is beta software, remember! Upgrade experience and general feeling Free space went from 172 GB to 179 then to 168 GB since my upgrade to iOS 13.Updating from iOS 12.3.1 took 30 minutes on my 2018 iPad Pro.Lots of icons... Continue Reading →

Thank You For Inviting Me, Apple.

Thank you for inviting me, Apple. This is a poisonous gift. You know that I won't resist installaing iOS 13. After two weeks of waiting, today I got my invitation for the iOS 13 beta program. I'm dying for this. I'm not sure this is a good idea. I know many people are actually installing... Continue Reading →

Avant le WWDC 2019

Voici l’épisode 12 de mon podcast Numeric Citizen Podcast, au menu: Explications sur mon absence, Overcast: découverte et mon retour sur Medium !WWDC 2019, nous y sommes!Les 30 ans d’HyperCard Références Invité au podcast “And you are?”: http://andyouare.libsyn.com/website/jf-martin par Greg Morris https://gr36.com Overcast: https://overcast.fm WWDC: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc19/Mes souhaits pour iOS 13: My Wishes for iOS 13 Marzipan: Apple’s Motivation... Continue Reading →

My Wishes for iOS 13

WWDC 2019 Artwork iOS 13 is rumored to be a pretty big update, probably one of the biggest release in a long time. While we wait for it, here are my wishes for iOS 13. Improve photographer support As an amateur photographer, a passionate one, this is the most important area where I wish Apple... Continue Reading →

A Sign Of Things To Come?

Could the following screenshot of the annotation toolbar from iOS 13 be a sign of things to come next week? Shades? Depth? Realism? Affordance? Major scoop from @_inside. This toolbar can be dragged anywhere on the screen... another sign of change on the iPad, draggable windows? iOS 13 Screenshot annotation toolbar I really digg this... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Buying Your First iPad?

iPad with Keyboard If you are thinking about buying your first iPad, I would encourage you to read this blog post “I was wrong about the iPad Pro” by Owen Williams. The simplicity, and stability of the iPad is something I've come to count on—it's a tool that helps me do one thing at a... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 Share Sheet Redesign

Benjamin Mayo writing on his personal blog about the expected and rumored iOS 13 Share sheet redesign: I’ve never been particularly thrilled by how the share sheet looks or works. Since iOS 7, the panel is split up into three sections; AirDrop, Share and Action. AirDrop is handy but doesn’t justify a row to itself.... Continue Reading →

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