On Apple’s Second Quarter Financial Results

Apple's second quartier financial results are in. Here is a few of my own observations. Services revenues increasing iPad sales are up 22% which shows that the iPad Pro are very appealing and selling well. Why? Because the recently relased iPad Air was too late in the quarter. Same thing for the iPad mini. I... Continue Reading →

Apple’s iWork Is So Underrated

Apple can be beaten for not shipping AirPower but they should be praised for shipping iWork. Apple’s iWork is so underrated. The latest update to the venerable Apple’s version of this office suite is particularly delightful to use. This software is probably the best embodiment of Apple’s software vision of what great applications should look... Continue Reading →

My Review of Apple News+ Service

Today is the last day of my free month trial of Apple News+ service. This is the perfect time for a verdict. This is my review of Apple News+ service. I’m going to subscribe to (yet) another service but without great enthusiasm. Here is why. News Feed Examples First, the good side Since I’m a... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Promise on Services

Apple's promise on services has become clearer recently. I'm still thinking about the impacts of the last Apple keynote on services. Not easy to wrap my head around all the consequences and meanings. But some real analysts get it way more than me. Here is Benedict Evans on Twitter recently (emphasis is mine): The old... Continue Reading →

Iconfactory: A Plus for Us

Sean Heber of IconFactory writing about Apple’s keynote on services: Yesterday’s Apple event showed us they have a very specific vision for the future – both with delivering content and how we pay for it. It seems clear that Apple sees subscriptions as the only way forward, and not just for the software industry, but... Continue Reading →

On Apple’s Services Missing Pricing Information

Geoffrey A. Fowler writing for Washington Post:Apple now wants to be your cable provider, newsstand, credit card and arcade. But will it save you money? Savings is the No. 1 benefit we get from Apple’s archrival Amazon, with a $120 annual Prime membership that packages free shipping, TV shows, music, online storage and other goodies.... Continue Reading →

While Waiting for Tomorrow’s Keynote

Image of Steve Jobs Theatre the day before the keynote John Gruber on games subscription possibilities Link which could be announced or previewed tomorrow: If Apple’s going to spend billions on exclusive TV and movie content, why not spend money on exclusive games as well? Games are way better suited to the iPhone, and the... Continue Reading →

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