Apple’s Photos And RAW Image Handling

If you are an amateur photographer evolving in Apple's ecosystem and if you use RAW image format while you shoot, please, read this excellent informative article "The Ins and Outs of Non-destructive Editing in Photos for Mac and iOS". You have to know this important fact: Photos extensions in iOS 12 are never passed a... Continue Reading →

Lightroom CC Updated With Siri Shortcuts Support

Adobe released an update to its photo processing application on iOS. The new update brings something that will help somehow fix a workflow issue on iOS. Imagine you take a few pictures with your camera in RAW format. You want to process them on the go with your iPad. Currently, the only way to do... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Black & White Photography

I learn photography with traditional cameras using real films, way before numeric photography. I used to develop my own pictures, in my own darkroom. Black & white was the way to learn as developing color films was way more costy and complex. In this article, I found quite a few great black & white pictures.... Continue Reading →

RAW Photos: Some missing pieces in iOS

Apple is bragging itself on being serious about photography. I'll pass on the fact that they abandoned Aperture. Then iPhoto. Now we have Photos on iOS and macOS. It certainly evolved since its debut yet one thing is missing in action. First, compare this screen shot of a bunch of photos in Apple's Photos app.... Continue Reading →

Broken iCloud Photo Library Upload Process: my story (and solution)

If you are like me, you may be experiencing the famous “icloud photo library (beta) stuck uploading items” problem on one of your iOS. I first experienced the issue on my iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1.2 and then on my iPad two or three weeks later. The cause is unknown. I found a solution.

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