My Second GuruShots Challenge Winner

My second GuruShots challenge ended yesterday. The subject: fences. I didn't know what to expect. My top pick is the following picture. My top pick This image conveys a lot more than just a fence with a great Bokeh effect. By having this little guy in there, just on the right place, it makes quite... Continue Reading →

Running GuruShots Challenge

As a long time player of the photo challenge game GuruShots, the ultimate goal is to become a Guru. The only privilege of being a Guru is to be able to run our own challenge. After weeks of waiting while in review status, one of my submitted challenge finally got approved. This is my first... Continue Reading →

Taking a Pause of GuruShots

Old triggers in an abandonned place I'm a lot less active on GuruShots these days. After applying to become a Guru that is able to run his own challenge for more than a month, I'm still waiting for any of my proposed challenges to go live. I have six of them all waiting to be... Continue Reading →

GuruShots New Feature – Daily Rewards

A new feature introduced this week by GuruShots: Daily rewards. By completing a "few" tasks of their choice, you get rewarded by getting new perks like free fill, free swaps or free keys. Above is an example of the daily reward I got by completing four tasks. The objective of this is to help increase... Continue Reading →

GuruShots Tips, Tricks and Cheat Sheet

The 2021 edition is out NOW! Don't miss it and aim to become a GURU! Don't miss part 2 where I give two examples to explain how much time you should expect to play in order to be successful. This is the second article on GuruShots, the photography game. In the first article "How to... Continue Reading →

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