News Tips and Updates About GuruShots Game

Recently, GuruShots introduced a few changes to their game and I thought this would be a great occasion to bring you some updated comments about the game. First, let's go over the Daily Reward feature. This new feature allows the users to accomplish tasks (generally four) in exchange of perks life free Fills, free Swaps... Continue Reading →

GuruShots New Feature – Daily Rewards

A new feature introduced this week by GuruShots: Daily rewards. By completing a "few" tasks of their choice, you get rewarded by getting new perks like free fill, free swaps or free keys. Above is an example of the daily reward I got by completing four tasks. The objective of this is to help increase... Continue Reading →

GuruShots Tips, Tricks and Cheat Sheet

This is the second article on GuruShots, the photography game. In the first article "How to Become a Guru at the GuruShots Game" I described how to create your photographer profile, how to enter challenges and play. This time, I want to give you the best tips and tricks on playing the game. These are... Continue Reading →

Preparing For a GuruShots Challenge

Tempted by another GuruShots challenge where the theme is "Intentionally Inclined". I went in Lightroom to select a picture from my trip to London last summer. Then I spent a few moments processing it. I went with a black & white version of it because of the subject: the parliament. An old building destined to... Continue Reading →

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