iOS 13 Is Not Only Buggy…

Apple’s is known to be very buggy in iOS 13 beta cycle. Even at version 13.1 beta 1, things are not looking good yet. But there is another problem that is making this version of very frustrating to use. Consider the following two screenshots. On the left, this is what we get while... Continue Reading →

Two Missing Gestures In iPadOS 13 App Switcher

As much as I like iPadOS 13 in general, I think there are two missing gestures in iPadOS 13 app switcher to make life easier. I don’t think Apple will add them in the final release of iPadOS this coming September, but they could easily add them in iPadOS 13.1. Let me explain. Merging two... Continue Reading →

Mes commentaires sur le départ de Jony Ive

Numeric Citizen Podcast - Épisode #14: Apple annonce via un communiqué de presse le départ graduel de son designer en chef, Jony Ive. Au delà de l’effet de surprise, je vous présente mes commentaires et observations sur cet événement marquant de l'histoire d'Apple. Petite correction importante: Jony Ive est arrivé en 1992 et n’a donc... Continue Reading →

In Other News: Jony Ive Is Departing From Apple

Jony Ive Jony Ive departing from Apple. Everyone come and go but this wasn’t expected. Or was it? There are many ways to look at this news. Obviously, this is the end of a era at Apple. But what does it mean for Apple in the short and the long term? Here are my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Is The iPhone Killing Apple?

Another product line from Apple: their stores A question comes to my mind often these days: is the iPhone killing Apple? Apple was "for the rest of us" and the underdog for about half of his history. Apple was marching on a fine line dividing relevancy from extinction. Apple’s energy was focused, highly concentrated on... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 Share Sheet Redesign

Benjamin Mayo writing on his personal blog about the expected and rumored iOS 13 Share sheet redesign: I’ve never been particularly thrilled by how the share sheet looks or works. Since iOS 7, the panel is split up into three sections; AirDrop, Share and Action. AirDrop is handy but doesn’t justify a row to itself.... Continue Reading →

On MacBook Keyboard Flaws

Ouch, just stop everything and head to this Reddit post: MacBook Pro Keyboard Failures: Why Apples dust excuse is bullshit! [Teardown + Explanations]. Another damaging article for Apple on Apple MacBook keyboard flaws. The MacBook keyboard is over engineered. Plain and simple. The internet is full of stories about this keyboard. And I'm part of... Continue Reading →

Was The MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Over Engineered?

Casey Johnston writing for The Outline: Apple still claims that only a “small percentage” of people experience trouble with their keyboards. But having now heard the idea of a “sensitive” keyboard, I’m not sure I will ever get over it. No one has had to think this hard about keyboards in decades, at least before... Continue Reading →

I want an iPhone Without the Notch. Period.

I want an iPhone without the notch. Period. Otherwise this cannot be called a full screen device. Would love this to be an iPhone On this photo, this is not an iPhone. But, honestly, I would love this to be an iPhone. Why you might ask? Well, because I think the final step for the... Continue Reading →

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