Two weeks ago I went for a photo session in the Montreal's underground metro. I was responding to an invite from Unsplash for a photo walk. While entering the station, looking at my phone, the problem was that it was scheduled two weeks later. I didn't look carefully enough the date in the email invite.... Continue Reading →

This is my youngest boy. We we're in Iceland for a family vacation. On a rainy day, we went visiting a hot spring. We were walking and I was behind him and I had this instinct to ask him to stop so I can take a picture of the moment. It looked a bit surreal,... Continue Reading →

Photos doesn't always need a lot of processing to look better. In this case, adding texture to the walls was needed (by increasing contrast). A little bit more saturated colours helped a but too. Finally one could say that blacks are a bit too much on the top right corner but my intention was to... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, I posted my latest podcast about why I do urban exploration. I'm always using the enhanced version of podcasts so I can embed chapter markers. For each of them, I selected eleven of my best urban exploration photos. I created a montage that I'm sharing with you now. Otherwise, if you know french you... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Adobe Portfolio

Today, I want to share something new with you dear readers and visitors. In order to be ready when I close my Flickr account next year (if all things go as bad as it seems they will on Flickr), I'm happy to introduce my new photo gallery on Adobe Portfolio (read my review here). Please,... Continue Reading →

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