Lightroom Session #17 – Dubai Sky

Dubaï Sky – Taken in 2016, Processed in 2019 with Lightroom and Luminar 3

For the complete recorded Lighrrom session with comments, head to my video on Vimeo! It is in high resolution, high quality for you to enjoy the nuance of retouching a picture like this. Enjoy, share and like! 😃

Expressing Regrets

I feel some regrets about not coming sooner than 2018 to revive this blog. Instead, I elected to spread myself all over the place: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter. But times are changing. Things are shaping up pretty well around two subjects: Apple and digital photography. I’m back here for a long time!

Revisiting Iceland Visually

Looking back in my photos library, I kind of revisited a place. Last summer I went to Iceland for three days. I took this picture. As you may have guessed it, this was processed with Lightroom. So I included a brief movie showing how the original photo looked. I like the dramatic look that I gave to it. 🙂

Iceland. Picture taken with my iPhone 7. Processed with Adobe Lightroom Cc.

Before & After 12

Here is a photo of a building that is part of the McGill university campus downtown Montreal that I took in 2004. I thought the climbing tree on the concrete wall was creating a nice contrast, one opposing a very fragile and living thing against something so robust without life.