Photo Legend 14

One of the many photo taken during my vacation in Hawaii. This one feels special to me but I’m not sure why. Believe it or not, this scene was in the morning, in front of our bed & breakfast. There was this ray of light coming out through the clouds. I came back in to... Continue Reading →

On Vacation With iOS 13 – Using My iPhone 7

As you probably already know, I'm currently on vacation in Hawaii. As I'm writing this blog post, I'm on the big island, close to the small town of Hilo. For my photography needs I'm using my big Nikon D750 camera and my iPhone 7. But you might be interested to know when and why I... Continue Reading →

In this image, the processing was done to make the texture of the tree stand out against the sky. Zoom in on the foliage to experience the texture. This was possible because of the position of the sun on the top left part of the image. I wanted to try something more creative than usual.... Continue Reading →

Before & After 23

This church is part of my latest urban exploration session with my friends. This cross was suspended in the air but the original image doesn't show this clearly because of the low light and the roof in the background. This picture was taken with my iPhone and processed on the iPad with Lightroom CC. As... Continue Reading →

This photo was taken with my 70-200 mm Nikon lens that I recently bought. This is close to my house, in front of a park. There is something strange to this one that I like. This is the kind of photo that I couldn't take before with my 20 mm wide angle lens. Right now... Continue Reading →

My view at the top This is my first bike ride to the mountain just at the center of Montreal city. It is called Mount Royal. Very popular tourist attraction. I'm trying to do this ride each weekend. This is an 18 km ride back and forth from my home. I love this place. This... Continue Reading →

Downtown Ottawa, Canada Last time I went to Ottawa, Canada, I was walking downtown with my Nikon D750 camera. I went by this piece of art that I found interesting. I tried different angles but this one is the most dramatic. That is the first part. Next, back home, is the processing. I've spent quite... Continue Reading →

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