My Review of Adobe Spark Post

If you want to make a simple photo collage to publish on social networks like Instagram or more complex designs combining images and text to do some other kind of promotional material, I have something for you that you should consider. Here is my review of Adobe Spark Post. Adobe Spark Post is part of... Continue Reading →

Pricing of Adobe Photography Plan Increasing

Pricing of Adobe photography plan increasing. This could be real bad news for many. I can see people strating to look around for replacement. As you know, Adobe Lightroom is at the center of my photography workflow. I cannot imagine leaving my Lightroom investments behind. Luminar 3 is not a real contender for me. There... Continue Reading →

One of my photo album made public from within Lightroom CC You may remember that I was working on my Adobe Portfolio in order to replace my Flickr account eventually. Well, I'm still looking forward for Adobe Portfolio but this week with the help of my nephew, I remembered about Lightroom CC public albums. Every... Continue Reading →

Small Review Adobe Portfolio

As you know, Flickr is having some growing issues with the recently changed rules for free account and I'm considering closing my account. But, where should I publish my photography work after closing my Flickr account? On 500px? Or SmugMug? What about Unsplash? I think I found a better way. Enters Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio... Continue Reading →

I’ll Give Them 365 Days

In my quest to simply, regain control of my digital assets and pay for what is really worth, if Flickr doesn't improve materially in the next 365 days from now, I'll close my account. Period. What next? I'm glad you asked. I have a few choices. First move my stuff to places like 500px. Nope,... Continue Reading →

A Bright(er) Future for the iPad

What Adobe just announced last week at the Adobe Max conference is close to mind blowing. Can't wait to try Photoshop for the iPad. Next Year. Coupled with what Apple is rumoured to announce on October 30th, one can see a more computery future for the iPad platform.

When Apple Dropped the Ball

Aperture. Made by Apple. For Apple users. This was the time when they were serious about photography. They could have made a version for the iPad. But they dropped the ball. Adobe came in with their multi-platform solution, neither optimized for Apple's hardware nor Winter world. We still suffer from this in 2018 even after... Continue Reading →

Remember PageMaker ?

PageMaker was the killer app that made the Macintosh what it became... Here is something that could be a pivotal moment in the history of the iPad: Photoshop for iPad. Yes, nearly eight years after its creation. Better late than never. Yes, I know about PixelMator, Lightroom and the like. But, Photoshop is emblematic.

The Killer App is Born

Maybe Adobe just created the killer app for a bigger iPad Pro in the future. Photoshop. I'm already a big user of Lightroom CC on my iPad. And Photoshop Express. And PixelMator. Who said the iPad is a consumption device only ? Finally: real Photoshop on the iPad

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