Friday Notes #84 β€” What Am I Creating That Will Be Bigger Than Me?

Finding the answer to this seemingly simple question could prove to be much more difficult than I thought.

Friday Notes #84 β€” What Am I Creating That Will Be Bigger Than Me?
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

In a recent and lengthy conversation with a friend, one thing came up about our existence: the notion of creating something bigger than ourselves. What will my passage here on earth allow me to create that is bigger than me? Isn't it the goal of our passage here on earth? If yes, what am I doing with my life that will transcend my existence? Is this the same as creating something that will endure the passage of time beyond my death? This article on Medium offers some cues about finding our way here on earth and our purpose.

My father was an architect. He designed office buildings, houses, utility buildings, museums, and hospitals. He passed away a bit less than two years ago. The vast majority of his work is still there, scattered all over the province. In the last decade of his life, he also donated his blueprints to the provincial archives. It's called an architectural legacy. He's gone but is left so much behind him. He basically did what I'm trying to say here. His journey brought him into creating something much bigger than himself. He succeeded.

Let's get back to my purpose. Professionally, I'm working in computer sciences. I'm a numeric content creator in my spare time as a hobby. I basically and ultimately turn on and off strings of ones and zeroes. These are ephemeral, unpalatable, and invisible. I'm basically at the other end of the spectrum of what my father was doing. He contributed to building physical things. I'm working on invisible electricity states between silicon gates. That's fascinating somehow.

Last week, I wrote and published edition #83 of the Friday notes about trying to do my best in everything I do, professionally and in my spare time. Maybe there's the start of an unexpected turn in my search for a better answer. I guess I'll have to find a different look at my existence. It will be a long journey of introspection.

Please note that I won't publish the regular monthly newsletter "Numeric Citizen Introspection" this weekend. Thanks to my time spent working on YouTube videos, I couldn't spend as much time reading as I wished this month. However, I'll be going on vacation in mid-August, and I'll have much more time for reading. My queue is full of things to read.