The Perfect Apple Enthusiast — Find Out Where You Stand

Do you have what it takes to be considered a real Apple enthusiast? Let’s play a fun game and let’s find out!

The Perfect Apple Enthusiast — Find Out Where You Stand

Do you have what it takes to be considered a real Apple enthusiast? Let’s play a fun game and let’s find out by checking off all affirmations that applies to you from the following list.

  1. You wear clothes with references to Apple’s glorious history (my T-Shirts with iPad nano, from Basic Apple Guy).
  2. You have a small figurine of Steve Jobs somewhere in your house or at the office.
  3. You listen to every Apple Events. Better yet, you save the original file for archiving purposes.
  4. You tag and download music being played at each keynote. You may have created a playlist to group them all together, who knows!
  5. You support other Apple enthusiasts among your family, your friends, or your colleagues.
  6. You’re a fan of BasicAppleGuy on Twitter.
  7. Speaking of Twitter, you follow @Apple, @TimCook, and many others working at Apple. Hint: I maintain a Twitter list of people apparently working at Apple.
  8. You own more than an iPhone, preferably a Mac. Of course, you have an Apple TV and maybe an Apple Watch. Almost forgot about the Airpods!
  9. You’re an Apple One subscriber. It’s ok too if you subscribe to only once Apple service.
  10. You don’t care if Android is better than iOS or if macOS is better than Windows. What you care about is the fit between you, your needs  and any of your Apple devices.
  11. You value balance between design and functions.
  12. You own the Steve Jobs biography and actually read it. You thought it was inspiring.
  13. You saw the Steve Jobs movie and thought it was terrible.
  14. You own the book “Designed by Apple In California”.
  15. You value privacy protection builtin into products and services.
  16. You like arts, architecture, photography, and companies that promote these art forms.
  17. You own old Apple-related artefacts.
  18. You visit as many Apple Stores as you can.
  19. When you went to California, you visited, either Apple’s headquarters or Steve Jobs’ house.
  20. You install the first beta of iOS or iPadOS.
  21. You keep the box of your Apple products.
  22. You like to give Apple Gift cards as gifts.
  23. A small defect in your Apple product becomes a justification for an upgrade.
  24. You hate it when your Apple device has a crack, a scratch.
  25. If you own an Apple Watch, you own many bands too!
  26. Your office computer is a Windows machine, but you wish it was a Mac because you know you would be even more productive.
  27. You don’t put decals on your devices.
  28. You like to use your iPhone without a case, from time to time.
  29. You own Apple stock. It doesn’t matter how many shares.
  30. You visit many times a week to see what’s new, or just appreciate the beauty of the website.
  31. You can be critical towards the company, its products and services, like this.
  32. You don’t necessarily buy new gear every year because you are respectful of the environment. In the same vain, you replace the battery of your iPhone instead of replacing the device.
  33. You skipped the iPhone 6, iPhone Xs because they were, in some ways, transitional and uninspired products.
  34. You bought the first generation iPad because you thought it was a breakthrough device. You did the same with the Apple Watch. And the original iPod.
  35. You want to experience the full Apple ecosystem, its tight integration between the hardware, software, and services. That’s why you bought an iPhone, a Mac, an iPad, an Apple TV and invested in some HomeKit accessories.
  36. You waited in line to buy one Apple device after it came out, on the first day (be it an iPhone, an iPad, whatever).
  37. You cannot find any way to defend Apple’s butterfly keyboards.
  38. You love the TouchBar, but wish Apple kept improving it over time.
  39. You have an Apple sticker put somewhere, on your car or on one of your things.
  40. You update all your devices as soon as Apple releases new versions of their operating systems.
  41. You help your family members and friends to make buying decisions about Apple products.
  42. Oh, it’s Christmastime, you love giving Apple gear for Christmas (AirPods, Apple Watch, cleaning cloth, etc.)
  43. You’re able to demo any Apple unique features of their products.
  44. You like to spend some time in an Apple Store even if you don’t plan to buy anything, just because you like the vibe of this place.
  45. After each new products launch, you go to an Apple Store to have a closer look at them.
“The Colours of Apple Enthusiasts” by BasicAppleGuy
“The Colours of Apple Enthusiasts” by BasicAppleGuy

Calculating your score

To calculate your score, it’s easy. If you’ve checked more than 40 items off the list, you are THE best Apple enthusiast that Apple could dream of. If you’ve checked between 33 and 40 items off the list, you rock, but things could be improved. Use this list to see how you could improve your status. If you’ve checked between 22 and 33 items off the list, well, it’s still probably more than the vast majority of the population. Keep embracing things from this list, at your rhythm. I’ll wait. If you’ve checked less than 22 items off the list, you’re probably part of the normal population who doesn’t really care about Apple but sees their products as being useful devices, nothing more. It’s ok. Or maybe you’re a switcher? If you’ve checked less than 12 items off the list, you’re an Android user!

So, there you have it, by now you should know where you stand on the spectre of being an Apple enthusiast.