The Mac Turns 40

It’s time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mac.

The Mac Turns 40
An original picture of the Mac for the marketing material destined to Apple dealers in 1984

The Mac profoundly influenced my life. And it still does. It has supported, enhanced, and multiplied my creativity since my first contact with it in 1984. It influenced my view of the tech world and, to some degree, of the world. My passion for Apple, which translated into buying a series of Macs over the years, forged my reputation as an Apple fan.

The Mac story is unique and reflects Apple’s history. There were indeed a lot of good times but also very troubling ones. The Mac went through many complex transitions, and it survived. Now, it is thriving. The Mac helped move consumer electronics to new territories and new classes of users. It democratized the graphical user interface. It made the computer approachable. You might love or hate it, but for me, the Mac is still the best computing experience we can get.

Steve Jobs is no longer part of this world and can’t celebrate and see how things are going today. But, to me, the Mac remains one of the best parts of Steve Jobs legacy.

Happy anniversary, Mac. Long “life” to you, and I hope to celebrate you when you turn 50. I’m curious about what the future holds for the Mac.