iPad in Schools – Facing Reality

Following this article from Venture Beat of Apple's Tim Cook visiting an Idaho school where they donated 100 millions worth of iPad to low income schools, I had this thought. Bravo. But, here is the thing. The problem is not when they get the iPad, it is what comes next. Here is my small experience. ... Continue Reading →

Analysing the iPad Pro Debate – by Oh*M*Dee

Here is an honest critic of the current debate regarding the iPad Pro status of being or not capable of replacing a "real computer". From the article published on Medium:  At this point you might be asking, “Well, what do you want from the iPad Pro?” I want to see it fully utilise its raw hardware power... Continue Reading →

A (Depressing) Smartphone Review

Here is a different kind of smartphone review. It is about the new Google Pixel 3. Go and read the first part which is all about our current toxic society. Why toxic ? Look around you. People allways staring at their screen, big and small. Great and (depressing) read.

A Bright(er) Future for the iPad

What Adobe just announced last week at the Adobe Max conference is close to mind blowing. Can't wait to try Photoshop for the iPad. Next Year. Coupled with what Apple is rumoured to announce on October 30th, one can see a more computery future for the iPad platform.

Get Your Numeric Footprint

As a numeric citizen, an Apple citizen I might say, there is a very simple way now to get your data from Apple. Follow this guide. Google offers the same. Now it is easier than ever to know what they know about us. Now, the next step will be to help people designate others that... Continue Reading →

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