I Miss Instagram

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash I miss Instagram. As soon as Instagram came to life, I was seduced and started my journey as a photography enthusiast. But then, Facebook bought them. Killing Instagram instantly. But there is a KickStarter project that could revive Instagram original vision. Enter Bokeh, a project by Tim Smith. If you don't know... Continue Reading →

Please, Stop Doing This

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash Good Sunday read from the NewYork Times: "Why I Put My Dog’s Photo on Social Media, but Not My Son’s". In short, stop posting photos of your young child on Facebook or more generally on the web. If you can't read the article for some reasons, take the time to look at... Continue Reading →

Quitting Facebook To Build Bokeh

Here is an interesting project, Bokeh, a photo sharing social network. I already like the name. Think of it has an Instagram with no ads. Why now? Because a guy decided that he had enough of Facebook for pretty much the same reasons that I had too. Same goes for Instagram. So he wants to... Continue Reading →

Apple And Social Networks

Apple tried in the past to build something close to a social network: Ping. It failed. They tried again with Connect with Apple Music. It failed. Now some would like Apple to try again like in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/baskind/status/1088742288157827072?s=12 The idea of Apple building a secure social network seems interesting but... I don't this... Continue Reading →

Sick or Criminal Company?

I'll let you read this story of Facebook exploiting people, consciously. Start with this excellent Twitter thread. Then, I'll let you decide if this is a sick company or a criminal one. This non sense as to stop. https://twitter.com/dhh/status/1086088857148305408

Another (Great) Example of “Good Bye Facebook” Letter

As you know, I posted a farewell letter on my Facebook wall before closing it a few days ago. But here is another one that I wish I would have seen before writing mine: "Goodbye Facebook". There is a few really good ideas that I should have used myself. One is to setup an email... Continue Reading →

Quitting Facebook

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of leaving Facebook. That is not an easy thing to do but the process is fully engaged. Enjoy and thanks for listening. Please feel free to visit my blog @ http://numericcitizen.me for all the news and personal comments on my experience quitting Facebook or comments about privacy... Continue Reading →

My Final Post On Facebook

To all my Facebook friends, I have some news for you but before, I want to give you some context. It's been a long time since I made my entry on Facebook. I did not count the years. Over time, I have been more or less active. I poured in a part of my life,... Continue Reading →

This is a Story of Two Guys Who Met in a Bar…

...eventually they left like everybody else and nobody would go there and then the bar would close. This is a story of many popular bars. They come, they go. Social places have their own life and their own death for one reason or another. Facebook, is social place that eventually will become a thing of... Continue Reading →

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