Behind The Scene Details About Numeric Citizen Podcast Creation

I thought I could share more details about the just released Numeric Citizen Podcast. The raison d'etre for this podcast is to add another medium for expression and maybe help reach reach more people with same interests. I want to use this medium to complement my blog. I'm going to talk about the same subjects:... Continue Reading →

Before & After 5

Turning a seemingly ordinary urban scene into a more interesting one. The idea here was to remove colours in the scene except for the big ad. The idea that I wanted to pursue is the positive message an ad is trying to convey in a sometimes gray world. Also, the big lanterns lighting was pushed... Continue Reading →

Before & After 1

I'm starting a new blog posts series: before & after photo processing. Taken in 2014 with an iPhone 5, processed with Snapseed. This photo was shot in JPEG as this iPhone at this time wasn't able to shoot in RAW. Feel free to write your comments about this! The iPhone 5 was one of the... Continue Reading →

Photography Processing – What’s On My iPad

While waiting for my brand new 11" iPad Pro to arrive, I thought I would share what applications I used to do photography processing on my iPad. I use many of them, not all of them all the time though. Here are a few comments about a few of them. Adobe Lightroom CC is the... Continue Reading →

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