My Photo Processing Workflow as of 2020-06

Today, I want to share a few updates on my photo processing workflow. It's been a long time since the last update. This time, four important additions to my workflow require attention as shown on the following workflow diagram. My photo processing workflow as of 2020-06. Click to enlarge. New visual space In order to... Continue Reading →

From Havana Street

From the street of Havana, Cuba, here is an heavily processed shot with Lightroom and Snapseed. The latter can be very useful at creating effects that can add visual value to the picture.

Before & After 11

In this photo processing session, I wanted to create a darker look of a grim street downtown Montreal. The final result is not a pure black & white picture. All this processing has been done with Snapseed (again).

Before & After 6

Sometimes pictures don't need much processing like in this case. Some vignette effect and better lighting on dummy's face is all that was needed here. Don't try to over process images even if the tools allow it.

Before & After 5

Turning a seemingly ordinary urban scene into a more interesting one. The idea here was to remove colours in the scene except for the big ad. The idea that I wanted to pursue is the positive message an ad is trying to convey in a sometimes gray world. Also, the big lanterns lighting was pushed... Continue Reading →

Before & After 3

The original photo was kind of pale with no contrast. Now, with more structured details, warmer colours and a new frame, it looks more interesting to me. I give it the following title "Anonymously strange".

Before & After 2

On the left, the original photo. On the right, the processed photo with more texture, more contrast, more saturated colours. Tell me what you think of it. I used the rediscovered application Snapseed.

Before & After 1

I'm starting a new blog posts series: before & after photo processing. Taken in 2014 with an iPhone 5, processed with Snapseed. This photo was shot in JPEG as this iPhone at this time wasn't able to shoot in RAW. Feel free to write your comments about this! The iPhone 5 was one of the... Continue Reading →

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