Mistakes, Really?

Following the publication of my long blog post about Siri privacy protection this week, I read a follow-up post from John Gruber on Daringfireball. He writes (emphasis is mine): My take on this saga was severely critical, but I am convinced this was a mistake — really, a series of mistakes — on Apple’s part, not an indication that the... Continue Reading →

On Siri, Privacy Protection And Our Expectations From Apple

In late July, the news broke out that some contractors working for Apple had access to Siri’s voice recordings from users around the world to help tweak Siri performance. A month later, what happened? Is Apple’s handling of the issue been up to their high standards on privacy protection? Did Apple meet our expectations? Let’s... Continue Reading →

Siri Taking Shortcuts

Benjamin Mayo is writing a short piece "The Siri Shortcut" thet expose a few problems with the concept of Siri Shortcuts on iOS. Shortcuts require registration and administration to do anything at all with Siri. The user has to pre-emptively search out every command available in a certain app and then add each in turn... Continue Reading →

Apple is Looking For Someone to Search and Present Siri Complaints to Leadership

That is an interesting job opening right now at Apple: "Apple Looking to Hire Analyst to Explain Siri Complaints to Leadership". Here is a summary of the job opening: The Siri team is looking for an organized, thoughtful, and driven program manager to contribute in two key areas: First, developing and leading a program to... Continue Reading →

Is Apple Brand Value Unstoppable?

Tonight I was watching TV. There was so many ads. One particular ad got my attention. This was an ad about a car. In order to show how cool the car is, how useful it can be to its users, there a scene where the driver uses Siri to send a message to his wife... Continue Reading →

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