A Sign Of Things To Come?

Could the following screenshot of the annotation toolbar from iOS 13 be a sign of things to come next week? Shades? Depth? Realism? Affordance? Major scoop from @_inside. This toolbar can be dragged anywhere on the screen... another sign of change on the iPad, draggable windows? iOS 13 Screenshot annotation toolbar I really digg this... Continue Reading →

Is Apple Adandoning 3D Touch?

Rumors are again surfacing about the possibility that Apple is abandoning 3D Touch in its 2019 iPhone. If this is the case, I would be very sorry for this loss. But let’s go back a few years ago. 3D touch in action with peek & poke feature shown A new way to interact 3D Touch... Continue Reading →

iOS 13 Will Be A Pretty Big Update

WWDC 2019 Poster Here is my take on the latest WWDC rumors. According to Mark Gurmen for Bloomberg, iOS 13 will be a pretty big one. Here are a few things that caught my attention. Many areas seeing improvements Other speed increase are expected across the board which I thought was done. It seems Apple... Continue Reading →

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