On Facial Recognition Training

Excellent article from NBC News: "Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent". People’s faces are being used without their permission, in order to power technology that could eventually be used to surveil them Let's say you have a Flickr account with hundreds of photos of your family, your friends, and... Continue Reading →

2009 vs 2019

No, you won't see two pictures of me ten years apart. No, but think about it. Suddenly, within a few days, or even hours, people started to share those pictures of them taken in 2009 and now. For no apparent reasons. On Twitter. On Facebook. This is what I thought. The, I read this Wired... Continue Reading →

If you are fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a field of AI, then I recommend this article "Machine Learning | An Introduction" by Gavin Edwards. Machine Learning techniques are being used in more and more places in our lives and it seems to me that this is an interesting subject to learn about... Continue Reading →

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