A Must-Have for iPhone Photography

If you are serious about doing photography with your iPhone, I highly recommend this utility: Metapho. This small photo utility shows all the meta-information that sit within each photo you take with your device. The latest update introduces support for the latest iPhone 11 camera features, one being able to show which mode the iPhone... Continue Reading →

DxoMark Review of the iPhone 11 Pro

It is a bit late to the review game but it is well worth your time. DxoMark review of the iPhone 11 Pro contains a lot of details. With an overall score of 117, the iPhone 11 Pro falls behind other smartphones but manages to be in the top 5.

More Samples of iPhone 11 Pro Photos

In case you missed it from my iPhone 11 Pro review, you can have a look at an iCloud album coming right from my iPhone 11 Pro. Few people know that you can share an album from the iCloud Photo Library. Here is one photo that was taken today downtown Montreal. Unedited photo from my... Continue Reading →

On iPhone 11 Pro in Rome

Here is something that I rarely do here, a link post. I want to share an excellent article from the well known Frederico Viticci writting for MacStories.net. The article summaries the experience of using an iPhone 11 Pro to take photos in Rome. Pictures are breath taking to say the least. Here is a thought... Continue Reading →

On iPhone 11 Pro Cameras

Following a recent blog post by John Gruber about the iPhone 11 Pro cameras modes, I made a summary table that you might find useful. It complements my recent review of the iPhone 11 Pro. This is how the iPhone 11 Pro operates its cameras Deep fusion should become available with iOS 13.2 currently in... Continue Reading →

The Other Apple Product: Apple Stores

Today I went to the Apple Store to get my iPhone 11 Pro ordered a week earlier. With each fall products launch, Apple is revisiting its stores' signage. This year Apple did is a particularly good job, and I love the result. I took a few pictures with my "old" iPhone 7 while waiting to... Continue Reading →

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