On iPhone 11 Pro in Rome

Here is something that I rarely do here, a link post. I want to share an excellent article from the well known Frederico Viticci writting for MacStories.net. The article summaries the experience of using an iPhone 11 Pro to take photos in Rome. Pictures are breath taking to say the least. Here is a thought... Continue Reading →

On iPhone 11 Pro Cameras

Following a recent blog post by John Gruber about the iPhone 11 Pro cameras modes, I made a summary table that you might find useful. It complements my recent review of the iPhone 11 Pro. This is how the iPhone 11 Pro operates its cameras Deep fusion should become available with iOS 13.2 currently in... Continue Reading →

The Other Apple Product: Apple Stores

Today I went to the Apple Store to get my iPhone 11 Pro ordered a week earlier. With each fall products launch, Apple is revisiting its stores' signage. This year Apple did is a particularly good job, and I love the result. I took a few pictures with my "old" iPhone 7 while waiting to... Continue Reading →

Apple is on a Roll and Rolling out iOS 13, watchOS 6 and Apple Arcade

Big week for Apple. Today was the official day for iOS 13.0 and watchOS 6.0 releases. And if that wasn't enough, Apple Arcade, which received praise since its limited rollout, is now available to everybody using iOS 13. It is so fascinating and impressive to see Apple operates like this every year. The scale of... Continue Reading →

Experience Apple

After the release of the new iPhone, I came across a new Apple web site that I didn't know about: Experience Apple. Currently featuring the iPhone 11, you can compare a few features interactively. The starting view when opening the Experience Apple web site The welcome page is a simple models comparison. From there, you... Continue Reading →

Impressive Night Shot From iPhone 11 Pro

I don’t know how this is possible, but someone was able to take a night shot with the iPhone 11 Pro. Left shot is the one from the iPhone 11 Pro. https://twitter.com/cocorocha/status/1171957593998352384 It is where I think Apple is leading over Google and others in photography: pushing the boundaries of computational photography while keeping it... Continue Reading →

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