Mini Review of Duet Display

A few days ago, I wrote a mini review of Luna Display 3.0. Before using this solution to add a second display to my iMac, I was using another one, Duet Display. Here is my mini review. Duet Display requires an iPad application installed, a helper application installed on the iMac and a cable. In... Continue Reading →

Mini Review of Luna Display 3.0

Running iTunes on the second display If you want to use your brand new 2018 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro as a secondary display for a MacBook or an iMac, there seems to be two simple ways as of this writing. The first one is with Luna Display and the second is with Duet Display.... Continue Reading →

Those looking to fix issues with audio devices hooked into their brand new and shiny iPad Pro with USB-C should look forward and update to the latest release of iOS 12.1. It is unknown which audio devices were affected with distorted audio though. I didn't have any issue with my Yeti microphone except this stability... Continue Reading →

Please, Apple, Bring This to iOS

If Apple wants to push the iPad into the realm of serious computing, it needs to add some serious UI elements that we are used to see on traditional computing platforms. Here, I'm thinking about menus on the Mac or on Windows. They are everywhere. We take them for granted. The iPad came in 2010... Continue Reading →

On iPad Falling Behind in Schools

Very telling article from Fraser Speirs "On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook": One other thing that hurts to say but I believe is true is this: ChromeOS is getting better faster than iOS on iPad. Apple seems now to be on a two-year cadence for meaningful iPad-related software updates... Continue Reading →

iPad in Schools – Facing Reality

Following this article from Venture Beat of Apple's Tim Cook visiting an Idaho school where they donated 100 millions worth of iPad to low income schools, I had this thought. Bravo. But, here is the thing. The problem is not when they get the iPad, it is what comes next. Here is my small experience. ... Continue Reading →

Not Just For Media Consomption

A recent article by Michael Steeber titled "2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil enhance creative work on the Mac" could convince a few more of you that the iPad is not really just a media consumption device. You may already know that I'm a big fan of Adobe Lightroom CC on the iPad but some... Continue Reading →

Going All In With An iPad

Very interesting read from Matt Gemmell - The Big iPad. The debate is still alive and well. Is the iPad able to replace or not your traditional computer? For Matt Gemmell it did. So why it is possible for him? A few parts caught my attention. (...) an iPad isn’t a laptop, so the word... Continue Reading →

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