2009 vs 2019

No, you won’t see two pictures of me ten years apart. No, but think about it. Suddenly, within a few days, or even hours, people started to share those pictures of them taken in 2009 and now. For no apparent reasons. On Twitter. On Facebook. This is what I thought. The, I read this Wired article: FACEBOOK’S ’10 YEAR CHALLENGE’ IS JUST A HARMLESS MEME—RIGHT?

What if the only purpose of this “game” was to train new machine learning algorithms at Facebook so they can refine their data with carefully selected pictures by people? I don’t know. Facebook denied they were behind this. Nonetheless, here is something to think about:

Regardless of the origin or intent behind this meme, we must all become savvier about the data we create and share, the access we grant to it, and the implications for its use.

Numeric Citizen Podcast – #2 – Quitting Facebook

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of leaving Facebook. That is not an easy thing to do but the process is fully engaged.

Enjoy and thanks for listening. Please feel free to visit my blog @ http://numericcitizen.me for all the news and personal comments on my experience quitting Facebook or comments about privacy and a lot more.

My Final Post On Facebook

To all my Facebook friends, I have some news for you but before, I want to give you some context. It’s been a long time since I made my entry on Facebook. I did not count the years. Over time, I have been more or less active. I poured in a part of my life, my experiences, my travels, my photos, my pictures of good and not so good meals. But for several months I have considerably reduced my publications. Maybe you noticed. Maybe not. I do not care. What matters to me is the quality of my life. And I think that with Facebook, once the wonder passed, the reunion ended, part of my quality of life is questioned without having expressly consented. And I’m not comfortable with that. Explanations.

Facebook’s mission is to collect as much information as possible about me and sell my data for use by advertising networks to target them according to my profile, according to my data. In other words, I became a product to sell other products. What bothers me a lot is that this data go much further than what consciously knew. Over time, I began to think that not only should Facebook remain free, but that I should be rewarded for all the data I provided. What other domain allows companies to extract raw materials without any form of compensation? I do not know any. But that’s not all.

Facebook as an entity has a duty to protect the data of its users. Facebook has been at the center of several controversies for some time precisely at this level. Facebook’s endless appetite for swallowing all sorts of data makes the company’s management blind and malicious. At the time of writing, Mark Zuckerberg is the Chief Executive Officer. I do not like this character or his dummy values ​​of connecting people. He is not really interested in connecting with our friends or distant relatives. What interests him are the interactions and the data you pour here. Your personal data, your public discussions as “private” or “intimate” is what motivates him. It’s the semantics that comes from everything you say here or post here that interests Facebook. There is no protection for your data. Any. Facebook’s business model is based on the use and sale of your data. What Facebook puts at your disposal is only a decoy to reassure you and give the impression that you data is safe. As a result, Facebook is now a monitoring agency that is probably more useful and relevant than any police or government database and all without any form of regulation and external control. But, you know what, I’m in control of my presence here and I’m going to stop it. But there is still something that puzzles me.

For many, the face of the Internet, is Facebook.Facebook is not internet. Except that with all that we put in it, the mass of Facebook has become too important in our individual lives and in the community, in society and because of all of us. Even the democratic debate is shaken. Companies do not open more websites to their own image, no, they open Facebook pages. It’s depressing and unhealthy to delegate so much control to Facebook.

The counterweight of all this is to pick up and leave. This is what I’m gonna do. It is not easy. Think again, I am not the first. We are millions to quit this platform. The same goes for Instagram (also the property of Facebook). Moreover, I also closed my Instagram account, Lightwiz, several months ago, this platform having moved too far from its founding mission in addition to becoming another Facebook.

All the more or less significant people I met in my life are now in my “Facebook Friends”. Well, to you, I just tell you the following: if you want to give me news, share photos that you think are important or even take my news, I’ll take you back to the simplest thing that existed before Facebook, email and phone. I will give you my number if you ask me. Oh yes, not only I close Facebook but by ricochet Messenger too, I do not like my conversations to be constantly indexed, searched and stored.

Those who have not bothered to read so far, well, it wasn’t worth it after all and our paths end here. For others, I say congratulations. You know how to give me news and ask for mine. As I will no longer see your daily life in front of my eyes every day, it is with great pleasure that I will find the haste to see you again in person and you will tell me what you like to share me.

I conclude by reminding you that I do not disappear completely from the digital world, quite the contrary. I concentrate my energies to use my creativity to maintain my presence on http://numericcitizen.me as well as on Flickr, Vimeo and Twitter. For those who only go through Facebook to give or take your news, I will miss you.

To Facebook I say: good bye toxic friend.

On What Facebook Knows About You – Way Too Much

That is no surprise but Facebook collect a lot of data. Want to know what exactly? Have a look at this article. I like the last paragraph:

The bottom line: Facebook’s privacy policies reinforce the message that “you have control over who sees what you share on Facebook.” But if you use Facebook at all, you don’t have much control over what Facebook itself sees about you.

I Don’t Trust Android And Facebook

Here is an article about apps on Android using user data without user’s consent. All they have in common is this: they are running on Android and are using Facebook SDK. I’m not using Android anytime soon and will leave Facebook soon. 😊

P.S. I know that apps could leak user info on iOS too. So leaving Facebook makes even more sense to me.

This is a Story of Two Guys Who Met in a Bar…

…eventually they left like everybody else and nobody would go there and then the bar would close. This is a story of many popular bars. They come, they go. Social places have their own life and their own death for one reason or another. Facebook, is social place that eventually will become a thing of the past. Last year (2018) was the year Facebook fucked up big time. They won’t recover easily if at all from this. So people re leaving… like me… but this won’t cause Facebook to disappear. Reading this piece from M.G. Siegler “F*ckedbook” on Medium:

(…) it wouldn’t be a mass exodus that would kill Facebook, it would be the younger generations who don’t use it in the first place.

Ask any teenager or young adult where they spend time online? Snapchat and… Instagram. The latter is owned by Facebook yet, I suspect it isn’t as data hungry as Facebook, the social network is. Many people who stay on Facebook are passive, they don’t contribute much. If they want to get in touch with their friends, they use something else than Facebook. Recently, Zuckerberg said one of their biggest competitor is iMessage on iOS by far. This is one of the ways people are escaping Facebook and this is how Facebook will slowly and painfully die.