Bye Bye Tumblr

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash I used to be on Tumblr since 2009. When I came back on WordPress, I enabled cross posting my stuff here to this platform. I had more than 3200 followers but very few of them came to my blog. So, this is wasted energy and electrons. 🤓 In the spirit of focusing... Continue Reading →

Optics Against Computational Photography

Rumors of 2019 iPhone models are already starting to flow. The optics of the newest iPhone, the high end model, could received a third lense. Some people don't like it and refer to the Google Pixel 3 having only one lense to do the job. This is an error. Looking at some sketches and approximation... Continue Reading →

My Ten Wishes For 2019

This is my top ten wishes for the upcoming year. In no particular order. Close my Facebook account. Enough of this shit. Seriously. See Trump Resign. Or impeached. Just too much of him, from day one. Travel to Hawaii. Never been there. And take pictures, lots of them.Replace my iPhone 7. This upcoming fall or... Continue Reading →

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