In Memories of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is probably one of the best iPhone design of all time. I found a way to pay a tribute to this beloved iPhone I once owned.

In Memories of the iPhone 5

One of the best iPhone design Apple ever made is the iPhone 51. I bought it in 2012 as an upgrade to my iPhone 4S. Boy, what an upgrade it was. I really enjoyed its size, colour, finish, everything about it. It was the first time Apple increased the screen size. It made a big difference at the time; it felt spacious. Developers were quick to adopt the new screen dimensions.

Recently, I came across a tweet from GRID Studio showing a disassembled iPhone 5 inside a frame. I thought it was not only an utterly cool idea, but it could be nice to hang one on one of the walls of my home office space. I almost immediately ordered mine after spending a few minutes on their website. I got it last week, and Iโ€™m super happy with the product. They made a superb job both on the finished product but the packaging it came with.

The iPhone 5 casing and the screen are in mint condition. I like the layout of the pieces, I think it is well-balanced. The iPhone 5 is a special iteration of the iconic iPhone as it was the last version of the iPhone where Steve Jobs had a chance to oversee its design, probably back in 2009 or 20102.

My wife is a bit dubious about my purchase, but I couldnโ€™t care less. Eventually, Iโ€™ll have my dedicated home office in the room of one of my kid and this frame will find its home there. It sure will be an Apple-inspired place. Before this project becomes a reality, Iโ€™ll hang it in front of me, in my current work-from-home space.

  1. The next best design is the iPhone 12. Iโ€™m looking forward to the rumoured iPhone 13 which could introduce a black mat finish. โ†ฉ
  2. It is well-documented that new designs of Apple products are created well in advance of their release. The iPhone 5 was probably already in the works when the 4S was shipping. โ†ฉ