Friday Notes #74 — When I Retire, I Want…

When I retire I want to stay young through my creativity projects and habits. Simple as that.

Friday Notes #74 — When I Retire, I Want…
Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

A well-known and longtime blogger, Jason Kottke, recently announced he is taking a break from his blog and going on a sabbatical year. He has been blogging for 24 years! That's a long stretch. However, it seems like a break will be salutary for him. I wish him well.

Personally, as far as I can remember, I’ve been blogging more or less continuously since 2009. It’s 13 years only. Only?! I hope to continue writing for this blog, for all my websites, for that matter. Imagine that, writing for another decade and being able to look back at my writings more than twenty years in the past. Of course, my interests will probably evolve in the future, and I suppose taking a look at my past work could be a strange experience. Who knows what the future of my writings holds.

I hope that my writing habits will continue well into my retirement life. I hope my creativity level will keep me busy enough not to overthink the implacable fact that I’m getting older and older (don’t miss “Am I Getting Old?”.) I would rather not notice that I’m getting old. Photography will probably be part of my creative landscape too. As well as reading. Maybe learn music once and for all? Who knows. Having many creative projects alive will likely help me stay young and… alive.

What did I learn this week? Greenwashing is corporate attempts to underplay companies’ actual impact on the environment.