Friday Notes #59 — Working for Apple — For a While I Thought It Was Possible

Applying for a job at Apple: Is there something worse than indifference?

Friday Notes #59 — Working for Apple — For a While I Thought It Was Possible
Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash

I’m happy with my current job. I love my work, colleagues, boss, and customers for whom I work. And yet, from time to time, I’m looking elsewhere, by curiosity. Recently, I stumbled upon the Apple Careers website and did a few searches by pure curiosity. Then, this job opportunity in my city hit me: an Enterprise Technical Consultant. A job similar to my current one, but in an entirely different technological context: the Apple ecosystem. I read the job description—many times. Then, I started to think, to dream. What if? I decided to apply and spent a few hours updating my resume writing a presentation and motivation letter. More than two weeks later, I got a reply.

“Hi, Thank you for spending time with us to learn about our Enterprise Technical Consultant job opportunity (…). We really appreciate your interest in working at Apple. However, we’ve chosen to move ahead with other candidates. (…) Regards, Apple Recruiting”

My dream quickly evaporated. I have so many questions. What went wrong? What did I do wrong? Did they read my presentation and motivation letters? Was my candidature screened out by some automated process, just like App Store submissions are scanned for rejection? Did a recruiter really give a look at my blog? My resume was in French because the opening was written in both English and French. Was it problematic? Maybe they thought I was a bit over myself with my passion for everything Apple? Was it because, by reading my long list of experience, they thought I was too old for the job and would ask for too much money? Is this another sign of me getting old?

My primary goal was to reach the interview stage and get a chance to talk to the recruiter and make my point about my deep motivation for working at Apple.

I reached someone in my LinkedIn contacts that I knew was working at Apple via messaging. But, unfortunately, I never got a response.

Sometimes, indifference is worse than anything else—time to move on and get back to work.

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JF Martin aka Numeric Citizen