Microsoft: Can’t Innovate My Ass!

Microsoft Surface ProX It will take me a few days to wrap my head around these Microsoft announcements. Owen Williams, writing on Charged: But, there's one thing for certain out of the Surface event today: Microsoft is the only company innovating in laptops and tablets right now, rather than churning out more of the same every... Continue Reading →

Managing The Elderly’s Numeric Life

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash Managing the elderly’s numeric life poses many challenges. One of them is how do you keep valuable data from being lost from one generation to the other. Here is my experience followed with many tips and advice. I’m back from a weekend trip to my parent’s house. This is a seven hours... Continue Reading →

On Apple Card: This Is So Apple

Following the availability of the Apple Card in the US, albeit limited to small group of users, the user experience seems to be so Apple in many aspects. This is so Apple. Simplify the process to the core. Nobody seemed to care to optimize the simple act of activating a credit card. Do you... Continue Reading →

Google Getting Out Of The Tablet Market

The Google Pixel Slate product line is dead. Is Google getting out of the tablet market surprising? What was their share of this market compared to Samsung and others? Probably not very much. The tablet market is mainly owned by Apple from a revenue standpoint. Samsung being behind in a very fragmented market. Market Share... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Dropbox

Dropbox is not a product but a feature When too much is like not enough I was a big user of Dropbox when the service started. I even developed iOS apps that could work with Dropbox as a storage service. But boy this service is trying too hard too many things now. I'm 100% on... Continue Reading →

On Google I/O 2019

This week was the annual Google developers conference: Google I/O 2019. Here are a few quick thoughts and comments about Google's announcements. Lot's of stuff With AI / AR Google AI seems limitless but at the cost of your privacy. Very impressive but let’s be honest here, Google talking about privacy is smoking mirrors. This... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft The New Kid On The Block?

Windows with Linux kernel Following the announcement of a full blown Linux kernel on their upcoming Windows update, is Microsoft the new kid on the block? I think so. I admire them for what they do in a lot of areas. Windows 10 is mostly enjoyable to us. Azure is a big cloud player. Office... Continue Reading →

The starting point This is where it all started for me. The Commodore 64 was my first computer. This wasn't the first computer that I wanted though. The Apple //e was the one. But this machine was way more expansive and I didn't need those expansion slots that came with it. I'll always remember one... Continue Reading →

While Apple Opens Up AirPlay Netflix Drops It

Apple's AirPlay and Apple TV Well, this is surprising: while Apple opens up, Netflix does the opposite. As reported by MacRumors, Netflix drops support of Apple's AirPlay technology because of technical issues. What technical issues? Is this just temporary? Or is this just a marketing decision? AirPlay no longer supported by Netflix Just a few... Continue Reading →

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