My Thoughts on the “Time Flies” Apple Event

Apple Watch Series 6

Digital-only Apple Event

Time did fly at the “Time Flies” Apple event. Compared to the WWDC online-only event in June, production was even better. The idea being was to put the products in the best light possible without being tagged as an infomercial. Apple delivered on this. The Apple Park is such a great place for filming, a role Apple didn’t envision a few years ago, I guess. Seeing Craig walking with its iPad in the office in a fast-moving scene was funny. But, what about the products, right? Let’s see.

First, what wasn’t announced but people were expecting a lot? Not the iPhone, not the Apple Silison Mac but the AirTags. The event went at the speed of light and at the end, I asked myself: oh, what about the AirTags? They were a no show. October probably.

The release of the GM of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for the next day was surprising. Everyone was expecting a release for the end of September, giving some time for developers to put a final touch on their latest application releases. They were angered by Apple’s move.

Usually, Apple gives a week for developers to submit their apps for review. Not this time. Weird move for Apple in these tumultuous times between them and the developers community.

The Apple Watch

All the newly introduced watch faces

Apple’s vision of the Apple Watch is maturing and I like it. There is no more doubt about it, the Apple Watch is meant to be a health and fitness device. The introduction of the Fitness+ service and the addition of the new blood oxygen level sensor are a clear statement of this.

As an owner of a Series 4, I will upgrade to the Series 6 this year. My Series 4 will be used as my sleep tracking watch. On that front, I was expecting Apple to introduced a Series 6 only feature for sleep tracking. They didn’t. The sleep tracking feature is software-only and is available to all Apple Watch.

My next Apple Watch

Regarding the Apple Watch SE, besides de naming scheme that I don’t like, it is a smart move from Apple. Another smart move: refraining from using the Pro moniker in the higher end versions of the watch. Why they keep Series 3 on sale is a bit surprising to many.

The iPad

I love the new iPad Air, but is it too powerful? Right now, compared to the iPad Pro, probably. Apple is transitioning the product line; the next updates will probably come for the iPad Pro in the first half of 2021. I expected a monster upgrade for the pro line.

The best surprise and a clear indication of where Apple is heading is the new Touch ID. I think it is the best solution and is probably providing a good user experience for unlocking the iPad. I expect Apple to add back the Touch ID feature to the iPhone next year and for the iPad Pro. A lot are asking for a come back because of Face ID troubles with people wearing face masks.


I like the proposed bundles. I’m already subscribing to all services except Apple Arcades. For me, the top-level bundle will save me more than 250$ per year and I’ll get Firness+, for all my family. It’s a no brainer. Apple is clearing betting on upselling to customers by upgrading from their current subscription plans. The Firstness+ service looks promising and exciting to use. It’s the best expression of Apple’s vision around the role of the Apple Watch.

All in all, it was a solid Apple Event, one in a series of many this fall. Next up? The iPhone 12.

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