My Photo Processing Workflow as of 2020-06

Today, I want to share a few updates on my photo processing workflow. It’s been a long time since the last update. This time, four important additions to my workflow require attention as shown on the following workflow diagram.

My photo processing workflow as of 2020-06. Click to enlarge.

New visual space

In order to show my work on The Perfect Imperfections Series, I opened up a new visual space on Universe. I’m very happy with the end-results and with the publishing application so far.

Instagram return

As recently published, I decided to return to Instagram. Yes, there are so many things to dislike about Instagram; being part of Facebook, numerous ads, lack of a native iPad application just to name a few. That being said, I realized that you can make something good out of Instagram by carefully choosing high-quality accounts only. You can see my profile page here. The content I publish now comes from my urban exploration photo sessions. I also push a few cross-posts from my new visual space in Instagram Stories.


I’m now using Snapseed as my main post-processing photo application to create the Perfect Imperfections Series photos. This application is endangered. Google, the owner of the application, rarely releases updates and can kill it at any time. I will consider alternatives to Snapseed like Polarr, Camera+ and even Photoshop for iPad.


In recent weeks, my usage of Camera+ by LateNightSoft increased quite a lot because of the many post-processing features. Coupled with Snapseed, they form a great combo. This application frequently receives updates, the last one introduced a new ML-based photo-processing feature named Magic ML. I didn’t play with it yet.

That is it for my photo processing workflow update. I guess the next update will come after Apple releases iOS 14 this fall. Meanwhile, you should have a look at my WWDC wish list where there are many requested features about photo processing on Apple’s mobile devices.

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