I have Sinned: I’m Back on Instagram

I’m back on Instagram. That’s right. About a year ago, I wrote about how I was missing Instagram. In that post, I was expecting Bokeh, a Kickstarter project, to take off and become a successful alternative. A year later, Bokeh project backers like me are still waiting to see the outcome. So, I decided to come back on Instagram. Here is why.

I recently started something new, my Numeric Citizen Visual Space. I’m very happy about where it is going. I’m still loving my experience with Universe. But, there is something missing: a community. This is where Instagram comes in. There is a lot of crap on this platform but by carefully selecting people to follow, my feed becomes quite close to what I really like.

Returning to Instagram after a long hiatus is quite an experience. There are so many more things now going on. I was disoriented. Stories (obviously) play a big part now of anybody seriously taking advantage of this venerable social network. It is a bit overwhelming at first. But, after a while, you get used to it. Stories add another dimension over the more static content put on there. I use them to “advertise” new publications on my Visual Space. Editing tools for building stories are quite funny but man I wish Instagram was available on the iPad.

A sample of my Instagram Stories
A sample of my Instagram Stories

As you can see, the subject of my publications is “urban exploration” (“urbex” for short) and the perfect imperfections photo series. The community is quite active and reacting to other people’s photos generally is welcomed by comments on my own work. This is exactly the thing that I’m missing on my other online presences. And for those who start following me, I follow them back if we share a visual affinity.

Don’t judge me. I know Facebook is the owner. I know how Facebook is full of s***. But at some point, we have to be able to put things into context. Instagram, while being an important part of the Facebook machine, it is not Facebook.

If Instagram is your thing, you can find my profile here. I’m also slowly creating a collection of great urbex photos. Finally, using Instagram on a regular browser seems to skip all the ads. Great.

My Instagram Saved pictures.
Sample of saved photos from my IG feed

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  1. Nothing to forgive here. Community is good, especially during social distancing. Glad you’re enjoying Insta. Since you mentioned it, I’ve been planning to write a post soon about Bokeh…eager to check it out when it’s done.
    Ok, so my question is, what made you choose Instagram over Flickr for the photo community? In my view, Flickr is more photo focused, but Instagram is more people focused. No judgement either way. Take care!

    1. I quit Flickr last year because the platform is not what it used to be and not really evolving. Instagram is a better fit as the social portion of it is bigger than it was on Flickr. Stay safe.

      1. I think you’re right, Insta is more social. It’s where most people are at. Thanks for your feedback. I saw your photos on there, some really good stuff!

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