I Miss Instagram

Polaroid Camera
Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

I miss Instagram. As soon as Instagram came to life, I was seduced and started my journey as a photography enthusiast. But then, Facebook bought them. Killing Instagram instantly. But there is a KickStarter project that could revive Instagram original vision. Enter Bokeh, a project by Tim Smith.

If you don’t know what Bokeh means, do a simple search on Wikipedia. Bokeh is a photography technique. The goal is to put emphasis on the subject while making the background fuzzy.

This was about memories

Instagram’s original vision is the modern equivalent of the Polaroid camera from a photography standpoint. And I miss this a lot. My acount had more than 1800 pictures on it spanning about eight years of my life. The first picture was taken on October 6 of 2010 and the last one was on March 23 of 2018. I always had my phone with me and documented many moments of my life. It wasn’t about the followers count or following brands. It was about stopping moments of my life. Here are an few of them.

What is Bokeh?

An Instagram alternative to share photos with friends and family privately, see them in chronological order, and without creepy ads.

Tim Smith

If Bokeh can bring back the original vision, I’ll be more than happy. Bokeh’s goal is to stay ad-free, put emphasis on privacy yet be social. RSS feed will be available for public account as well as custom domains. They want to do things different. And this is why I want to give it a shot. I’m backing up this KickStarter project. This is the only logical step following my Facebook departure.

This is a long shot project. Building a smartphone application is one thing. Building a back-end service is another. The latter has to work without a itch. So far, from what I see on the KickStarter page, I’m pleased. When time will come, I’m going to support the project in another way: by offering my time during the beta phase. I already sent an email (and got a kind response) from Mr. Smith. I can’t wait to try this.

Yes, I miss Instagram. But the arrival of Bokeh could be a relief. So, I’m backing this guy up! I wrote about Tim Smith and Bokeh social network a while back: Quitting Facebook to Build Bokeh.

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  1. Nice post, written well! I share your sentiments. I miss what Instagram was. I preferred it when the focus was on photography, not on social mania. When it was about landscapes, not selfies! Bokeh looks like it will be a mix but aims to improve on the social aspect. That could be great. Iā€™m willing to give it a shot! I might jump on the beta bandwagon too!

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