On SpaceX Launch with Humans

Space exploration by humans is so fascinating. When I was a young kid, I remember reading books on the Apollo program and Skylab. My room walls were filled with space exploration posters. Consider me part of the Space Shuttle program generation. Everything about SpaceX brings back the excitement for space exploration. During the Space Shuttle program, they wanted to make a flight every month. We are closer than ever to this reality, thanks to the hard work made in the last decade.

SpaceX Launch T-00:05:27

I’m glad to see manned flights resuming in the US. It’s a private-sector endeavour that is quite different than with the Space Shuttle program.

I was observing video sequences this week. Looking at astronauts’ space suits, I couldn’t help myself but I was thinking about their design in general. They look so light, “designed” to look good, close to being part of a science fiction movie. Today, looking at the astronauts in their cabin created the same effect. It looks so white, so clean, “spacey” even. I’m impressed. And on top of that, those big interactive screens replacing so many switches and buttons, it is mind-blowing. I wish I could have a closer look at the user interface, features and interaction models.

Watching the SpaceX ascend on my computer screen

I can’t wait to see where this will lead us. It is so refreshing to see success like this in these difficult times.

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