COVID-19: A Crisis All-Around me


Every day, every hour bring this crisis closer to me, all around me. More than ever, I live in a clear and present danger. It is less about angriness more about facing reality.

Businesses are shutting down operations, temporarily, for now. My kids’ schools closed their doors for the next two weeks. They stay at home with their mother because they cannot go out, go to the gym or be at the party… it is not a time for celebration. I told them it will eventually be all behind us but before that, it will be much worst. They have to be patient.

The company employing me takes drastic actions. We are informed. We are asked to take care of ourselves and be available to our customers. But, their projects are put on hold. They need to prioritize remote work. We can see the horizon coming to us with a darker tone. We no longer laugh like we used to do just a few days ago because we all know what this could mean.

For now, I want to take it, one day at a time and do my best as an employee, as a citizen and as a father. Tomorrow is another day. I’m not alone in this. So many people are being affected by this ordeal. I know things will get worst. I will feel helpless but doing what I have to do: staying home and working remotely because I can, because it is required just by simple common sense.

How are you doing yourself? How do you cope with this crisis? I want to know, share your experiences in the comment section.

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