On COVID-19: I’m Not Afraid (Yet) but I’m Angry

I’m not afraid. Yet. I’m just angry. This clown (and his incompetent team) in Washington DC are at the worst place at the worst time. This “super-power” is unable to test enough people. So we cannot have the required data to act upon. This is catastrophic.

Meanwhile, conferences are being cancelled. Events are being postponed. Vacation plans are being reconsidered too. Financial markets are going downhill. People are panicking. The world is close to coming to a halt. Recession is already looming.

Time is running out. COVID-19 is making its way around the world. Now, this is a pandemic. Numbers are against us. In Canada, my home country, the situation is (still) under control. Our Prime Ministers (Federal & Provincial) are doing a great job as well as people in health care. They are heroes.

COVID-19 cases around the world
COVID-19 cases around the world – the yellow line is the one to watch

People don’t always realize what is pending in front of us. Health care institutions are already operating at full capacity and then this virus is among us. Just look at the situation in Italy. We don’t want this to happen here at home.

This is much worst than the flu. Do I have to remind that we don’t have a vaccine for this shit, yet? But, many people think it’s not the case. I wonder how long they will keep thinking this way. Maybe they’ll change their mind when one of their close friends or one of their parents will get infected.

I’m not afraid (yet) of COVID-19. But, I’m angry.

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