Memories of when it all started for me

I recently paid a visit to my sister and brother-in-law. We share many passions together: photography and a few things about Apple. To my surprise, he gave me something I didn’t know he had: a couple of very old brochures about the Apple //c and one on the Apple //e. I was completely shocked to go back in time unexpectedly.

My love affair with computers started with the Apple ][+ in high school. I still remember a lot about this episode of my life. I remember the sound of the keyboard as well as the way we opened the case to access the expansion slots. I also remember when the Apple //e came out. I remember waiting for the school to upgrade a few of the older Apple computers to see in person the new machine. It took a while.

Eventually, I ended up working for a personal computer store where we were selling cheap Japanese clones. We eventually became an Apple Dealer. Then, the Apple //c came out. The store owner went to the official unveiling in California. That was in April of 1984. I felt in love with this design. To me, this is the best sign of Steve Jobs take on personal computers: elegant yet limited in expandability.

The feeling of reading the brochure and going back in time just like when someone asks where were you on 9-11. We all remember where we were, what we were doing. I do remember all of this. My life is massively tainted because of Apple. And it all started back then, in 1982.

Are you old enough to remember this? How did it start for you? Share your memories!

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