iTunes 2001-2019: End Of An Era

iTunes 2001-2019

Wow, who knew this would be coming someday. iTunes was such a big part of Apple’s digital stores and media consumption. For many people, iTunes was just garbage. iTunes has a long history. It wasn’t perfect and I still like it as of this writing. In fact, I just don’t understand all that hate towards iTunes. Anyways, the time has come to move on and embrace change in the name of simplicity and efficiency. Enter three new apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV.

Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV app for macOS
Three new native macOS app

By having three separate apps, Apple will be able to update them as needed on a different schedule. And this is a good thing for us as we won’t have to wait for Apple to get fixes for simple things as we did with iTunes. Judging by the feedbacks and videos floating around, Apple did a great job in making these apps, real macOS apps, better in fact than previous ones introduced with macOS Mojave last year. Of the three apps, only Podcasts is built with Catalyst, the other ones are real macOS apps built on UIKit for Mac. Can you tell the difference? I can’t.

In 2019 Apple is finishing their cleanup and fixing job on the software side of their business. This is refreshing and very telling about Apple now. They are listening and are aware of their weaknesses and willing to fix them. This is all what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Hard to believe after all these years that iTunes is no more. Like others, I’m really curious what they’ll do for iTunes in Windows! Will it be no more? Or will it be replaced with 3 new windows apps, or 4 if you include a Finder like sync app? I doubt that. What if Apple just kills it like they no longer offer Safari on Windows?? Love the iTunes logos in the graphic by the way.

    1. I expect them to keep iTunes on Windows for a while … just enough to make it work… in a way, this is like saying: if you want the full experience, come over to the mac side…

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