Apple Is Done With Intel


Following Apple’s quarterly analyst call this week, we could think that Apple is done with Intel. Some are wondering if this upcoming WWDC conference in June could see the introduction of the first ARM-based Mac. Why would this happen? Apple may be tired of waiting for Intel to bring faster and more power efficient processors for the Mac. Case in point, according to John Gruber recent post about comments directed toward Intel:

I asked an Apple source last fall why it took so long for Apple to release the new MacBook Air. Their one-word answer: “Intel.”

Personally, I think this year is too early for ARM-based Mac. Why? Because, my thinking is that Apple wants iOS on these ARM-Based Mac, not Mac. And they want a lot of ready to used, yet well known apps to be available. For this, they are working on Marzipan to entice developers to write more powerful apps for iOS, specially the iPad. These are the prime candidates to run on this future ARM-based Mac. We are four weeks away to know a bit more about Apple’s strategy.

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